Ask the Telecom Pro | EU Roaming Rules | PUK Codes

//Ask the Telecom Pro | EU Roaming Rules | PUK Codes

Ask the Telecom Pro | EU Roaming Rules | PUK Codes

Timothy C. Colwell Timothy C. Colwell
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Ask the Telecom Pro

EU Roaming rules | PUK Codes


Q:  Do the new EU roaming rules eliminate all roaming charges for mobile users in Europe? 

A:  On June 15, 2017 mobile roaming charges for voice, data and SMS were eliminated for countries in the European Union. There are a few considerations, though. Unlimited data users will not be charged roaming assuming they consume a majority of data in their home country. This is part of the fair use provision and carriers/operators have the right to monitor for abuse and contact customers for usage clarification and/or to apply a surcharge. Also, usage affected is within EU countries and does not cover usage originating outside of the EU or calls/SMS to non-EU countries.

Q:  What is a PUK code?

A:  A PUK code is a ‘Personal Unlock Key’ on mobile devices that secures SIM card data. In cases where a SIM card PIN number has been entered incorrectly multiple times, the PUK code is needed to unlock the SIM. This code can be obtained from your carrier.


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