Welcome to The Fourth Generation of the Telecom Management Industry

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Timothy C. Colwell SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption AOTMP The first generation of telecom management, often called cost management, was focused on telecom carrier cost. Manual invoice-to-contract compliance audits were performed to identify billing errors so that overcharges could be recouped. It was labor intensive and primarily provided value by reacting to ever-present [...]

Anatole Targets AOTMP Efficiency First® Solution Certification

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Global Technology Leader Recognizes Value in Telecom Best Practices Certification INDIANAPOLIS, SEPTEMBER 16, 2015—AOTMP is pleased to announce the participation of Anatole in the Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification Program. During the Program, Anatole will align its solution capabilities with the Efficiency First® Framework, a standard for driving technical, financial and operational efficiency across enterprise [...]

The Value of Call Accounting in Telecom Expense Management | TeleManagement Technologies, Inc.

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Charles Coakley VP, Sales and Marketing TeleManagement Technologies @telmantec  |  LinkedIn AOTMP is often asked about budgeting accuracy and call accounting; so we recently spoke with with Charles Coakley, VP of Sales and Marketing at TeleManagement Technologies, Inc. to get his perspective: 1. What is the role of call accounting for organizations that have [...]