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2016 State of the Telecom Management Industry Report

Free 2016 State of the Telecom Management Industry Report

The telecom management industry experienced substantial change in 2016 that will influence the industry in 2017. Significant events occurred that have influenced, and will continue to shape, the industry for years to come. What are the latest trends within enterprise telecom management practices? Which events had the greatest impact on the industry? How should the industry move forward?

This research places a spotlight on the key trends within the Telecom Management Industry and provides AOTMP recommendations for moving the industry forward.

Benefits to Enterprises

  • IT and Telecom Management Executives will gain insight into vendor trends shaping the telecom management industry
  • Vendor Managers will benefit from analysis of vendor performance trends
  • Telecom Management Professionals will gain visibility into the experience of peers with vendors

Benefits to IT and Telecom Vendors

  • Business Leaders will gain insight into market trends shaping the telecom management industry
  • Business Development Professionals will benefit from learning enterprise objectives, challenges and opportunities
  • Customer Experience Leaders will gain visibility into performance expectations enterprises value

Key Metrics and Trends

  1. Determine leading telecom management priorities to assess enterprise focus areas
  2. Understand the top telecom / IT technology initiatives planned in the future to assess enterprise strategy
  3. Evaluate enterprise telecom expense management (TEM) priorities and business objectives
  4. Measure customer satisfaction levels with all vendor categories to assess performance levels
  5. Understand AOTMP’s recommendations to move the telecom management industry forward in order to improve Telecom Management Ecosystem efficiency

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