Telecom and Cloud Service Management

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Timothy C. Colwell SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption AOTMP Cloud services are digital transformation enablers for organizations across various IT, telecom and mobile technology platforms. They are also disrupters for IT, telecom and mobile management practices. As cloud technology replaces and augments legacy technology platforms, questions arise from enterprise fixed and mobile [...]

7 Critical Steps in Building a VoIP Project Implementation Plan

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Enterprises that are considering migrating to a VoIP system or changing VoIP providers need to be sure to have a VoIP Project Implementation Plan in place.  Without a solid plan, it’s easy for mistakes to happen which can lead to downtime and could even mean frustrated customers and lost revenue. When you replace your regular [...]

What to Expect from TEM/EMM Services: 2018-2020

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The outlook for the TEM/EMM services industry remains active and promising, and the next two years should see a fair amount of evolution as more vendors embrace the concept of providing business value over strictly saving enterprises money. This report from AOTMP’s TEM/EMM Research Practice will examine the areas where AOTMP Research expects to see change

Cass Achieves Efficiency First Vendor Solution Certification for Telecom Management

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Cass Achieves Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification for Telecom Management Cass clients derive distinct value from their engagement, citing cost and FTE savings as well as process improvement and increased visibility. ST. LOUIS and INDIANAPOLIS, December 12—Cass Information Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CASS), a leading provider of integrated information and payment management solutions, achieved its Efficiency [...]

A Fresh Approach to Employee Retention

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A Fresh Approach to Employee Retention As of this writing, the national unemployment rate is standing around 4-5%, very nearly full employment by the Fed’s definition. Some skill jobs are going unfilled. Yet employee turnover remains high. According to the SHRM Human Capital Benchmarking Report the turnover rate runs between 13-14%. Multiple studies exist [...]

Ask the Telecom Pro: SLAs

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Timothy C. Colwell SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption AOTMP Ask the Telecom Pro Q:  What is the difference between catastrophic and chronic SLA events? A:  Carriers and other vendors have different terms to describe service level agreement conditions.  Most commonly, a catastrophic SLA event is one where all or a majority of [...]

2018 Telecom Management Industry Award Nominations Accepted Through February 28

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2018 Telecom Management Industry Award Nominations Accepted Through February 28 AOTMP Seeking Stories of Excellence   INDIANAPOLIS, December 1—AOTMP, a global leader in telecom and IT management best practices and industry standards, announced today that nominations are now open for the 2018 AOTMP Telecom Management Industry Awards. Now in its twelfth year, the annual Awards [...]

AOTMP Research – Tangoe Whitepaper

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An inventory of assets, services and related components is the cornerstone, the lifeline, for any telecom management practice. AOTMP Research shows that a majority of organizations – 76 percent – have an inventory of both fixed and mobile telecom services.1 This statistic, however, does not consider the completeness or accuracy of the inventory, two areas that constitute ongoing struggles for many enterprises.