AOTMP University Reaches Enrollment and Certification Milestones in Telecom Management Education

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AOTMP University Reaches Enrollment and Certification Milestones in Telecom Management Education Increased enrollment in telecom management training programs and extended international reach reinforces organization’s commitment to continued course development January 31, 2017, INDIANAPOLIS, IN — AOTMP University, a program for telecom management training and education, has surpassed major milestones in awarded certifications and enrollment for [...]

Benchmark Report—ROSS Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence in Legal Research

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The growing availability and practicality of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning and Natural Language Processing within the legal sector has created a new class of tools that assist legal analysis within activities like legal research, discovery and document review, and contract review. this Benchmark Report summarizes the observations made in a study conducted by Blue Hill with a research panel of 16 legal researchers.

Analyst Perspective—Solving Billing and Revenue Challenges for the “Everything As a Service” Economy

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Over the past decade, businesses across all verticals have started to embrace new subscription and usage models for products that have traditionally been considered one-time purchases. Three technology trends, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things and Data Monetization, Customer Trends SaaS and Consumption Management and Finance Trends are discussed and evaluated.

The Rapid Deployment of IoT: What Challenges Should We Expect?

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Bill Hinton VP & General Manager, Vendor Practice AOTMP The Rapid Deployment of IoT: What Challenges Should We Expect? AOTMP recently had the pleasure of presenting Mobility Award winners IBM, for the Watson IoT Platform, and Raspberry Pi for hardware. Each company is significantly and positively impacting the “IoT Space” and [...]

The State of IP-Phone Satisfaction

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Timothy C. Colwell SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption AOTMP The State of IP-Phone Satisfaction According to a recent AOTMP research study, enterprises report a 9% increase in satisfaction with IP-based phone equipment over the past 24 months. While the increase is positive, overall satisfaction is 7.8 on a 10-point scale, hovering in the [...]

Market Insight—Talend Winter ’17 Release Adds Data Stewardship, Aims to “Fix” Data Lakes

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Talend packages its data preparation, data integration, app integration, cloud MDM, with new data-stewardship solutions, also offering support for Spark 2.0. Insight discusses moving into a second phase of data, technology adoption, focused on breaking down silos, with less concern for point solutions and more attention paid end-to-end solutions.

Analyst Perspective—NICO: Five Practices To Maximize The Value of Your Enterprise Network Infrastructure

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Through NICO (Network Infrastructure Cost Optimization), a joint capability of IBM’s Global Technology Services and GSG, enterprises can rationalize network elements, optimize contracts, and improve best practices within their IT organizations for holistic network health.

Analyst Perspective—Eight Key Questions Business Managers Must Consider for Cloud and On-Premises Analytics

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This Perspective explores the pros and cons of cloud and on-premises analytics. Based on Blue Hill interviews, ROI analyses, surveys, vendor briefings, and analyst experience, this report provides guidance based on eight key questions targeted at line-of-business managers.

Enterprise Mobility is an Important Strategic Asset

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J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. Principal Analyst, Mobile and Wireless | LinkedIn Why Enterprise Mobility is an Important Strategic Asset of the Organization When you think of a company or even a government agency, its most important strategic assets are products or services. A company like Apple produces the iPhone. A company [...]