Ask the Telecom Pro | BYOD Call Records | Property Tax Allotment

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Timothy C. Colwell SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption AOTMP Ask the Telecom Pro BYOD Call Records| Property Tax Allotment Q: Can I obtain call records from carriers for my BYOD mobile users? A: While employers with BYOD users may require users to submit call records to prove expense reports are for valid business [...]

Enterprise Move to Software, Cloud Catches Up With Avaya

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Enterprise Move to Software, Cloud Catches Up With Avaya Timothy C. Colwell, AOTMP Laden with $6 billion in debt and unable to transition quickly into soft-ware and services, Avaya last month filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, leaving its enterprise customers wondering what’s next. The greatest contributor to Avaya’s downfall likely was the fight [...]

Tangoe Dances With Takeover Bids

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Tangoe Dances With Takeover Bids Enterprises using Tangoe’s TEM and IT lifecycle management platforms likely have questions as the vendor considers some big changes. Indeed, Tangoe soon may vote to approve acquisition proposals from institutional investors Marlin Management Company, and Clearlake Capital Group and Vector Capital Management. Clearlake and Vector submitted a joint bid; [...]

Enterprises Could See Lower Federal Telecom Fees Under FCC’s Pai

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Enterprises Could See Lower Federal Telecom Fees Under FCC’s Pai Enterprises concerned about fees in their telecom contracts may find some relief under the Federal Communications Commission’s new Republican chairman, Ajit Pai. Pai, who has served on the FCC since 2012, succeeded Democrat Tom Wheeler in late January at President Trump’s behest; he does not [...]

How to Start Securing Enterprise Mobile Devices

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Shredding iPads Doesn't Count: How to Start Securing Enterprise Mobile Devices The recently disclosed Tesco bank hack, last year’s Pegasus spyware targeting iOS, infected apps on the Google Play Store – every day seems to bring more examples of mobile device attacks that could disable or even dismantle a business. Anecdotes further highlight the [...]

Analyst Perspective—Maximizing Insightful and Prescriptive Analytic Value for the Data-Driven Enterprise

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Report provides guidance on 1) the Customer Journey leading to a new generation of analytic tools, 2) key value propositions associated with moving to tools such as IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Watson Analytics, and 3) recommendations for best practices in maximizing the value of insightful and predictive analytics for enterprise data.

Analyst Perspective—The Cost of Not Acting for Managed Mobility Services

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This Blue Hill report will explore how enterprises can achieve financial, technical, logistical, and strategic value through managed mobility services. Managed mobility services provide the greatest opportunity for enterprises to realize cost savings, productivity gains, and long-term strategic value compared to the status quo.

Anatomy of a Decision—Evidence-Based Technology Drivers in Know Your Customer (KYC)

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Banks increasingly use a variety of data sources and advanced analytics in an effort to address fraud threats and better understand their customers, efforts traditionally known as KYC, or “know your customer.” Workloads of internal customers for risk mitigation are reaching capacity, and easy-to-use tools for quick analysis are mandatory for meeting client expectations. This report examines best practices for developing a picture from multiple data sources and discusses approaches that provide evidence-based customer information for data due diligence activities.

Market Alert—IBM Watson IoT Global HQ Opens, Early Demand Demonstrates Strength of Watson IoT Platform

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IBM opens its global IoT headquarters for Watson in Munich, Germany. Provides details on the partnerships and implications for IBM’s larger Watson IoT strategy, as well as for companies (particularly European headquartered companies) beginning to invest in Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).