Marlin Equity Partners Acquires Tangoe

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Marlin Purchase of Tangoe Eliminates Some Uncertainty, But Leads to More Questions A shakeup in the telecom management ecosystem on Friday, April 28, 2017: Marlin Equity Partners says it will buy publicly traded Tangoe for $6.50 per share and combine it with Asentinel, which it already owns. Tangoe and Asentinel could not provide comment [...]

AOTMPs 11th Annual Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Conference Tackled Tough Topics

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AOTMPs 11th Annual Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Conference Tackled Tough Topics Enterprises continue to struggle with age-old telecom/IT/mobility management issues even as their firms proceed with growth plans and face new challenges. At least for the moment, the most pressing problems remain the familiar ones: Obtaining and maintaining accurate inventory; Implementing TEM, and [...]

Telecom Management Inventory: The Real Deal

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Timothy C. Colwell SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption AOTMP Telecom Management Inventory: The Real Deal Inventory has been and continues to be the foundation for effective telecom management. The volume of telecom components and use cases for inventory data are evolving, though Inventory began as a collection of traditional telecom circuits and [...]

Market Alert–Marlin Equity Partners Will Acquire Tangoe and Merge it with Asentinel, Will it Create a New Global Superpower?

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Alert covers the acquisition of TEM company Tangoe by Marlin Equity Partners and the anticipated merging of Tangoe with Asentinel, another Marlin holding under the Tangoe name. Discusses Marlin’s apparent plans to create a strong global leader for the next generation of TEM – IT Enterprise Management (ITEM).

Analyst Perspective—Beyond Self-Service: How Machine Learning Drives Enterprise Data’s Third Wave

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This perspective examines how digital transformations have evolved, and looks at how innovative enterprises are using machine-learning enabled technology to accelerate data flow, shorten communication spans, empower line-of-business stakeholders, and deliver greater bottom-line value.

Analyst Perspective—Analyzing Host Analytics’ Customers for Life Program: The Road to Renewal

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This deep examination of the Client process for maintaining vendor relationships through cognitive decision-making focuses on the Vendor’s efforts to help Clients achieve the value they were promised and recognizing that value proactively.

Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Conference Awards Announced

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Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Conference Awards Announced 11TH Annual AOTMP Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Conference a Success INDIANAPOLIS, APRIL 14—AOTMP, a global leader in fixed & mobile telecom management best practices, recently held its 11th annual Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Conference and announced key vendor and enterprise awards at the conference. The [...]

Analyst Perspective—The Cost of Not Acting: How Your Enterprise Can Achieve an ROI of 184%Through MMS

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This Blue Hill report will explore how enterprises can achieve financial, technical, logistical, and strategic value through managed mobility services.

Telesoft Targets AOTMP Efficiency First Solution Certification

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Telesoft Targets AOTMP Efficiency First® Solution Certification Communications Expense and Mobility Management Software and Solutions Leader Makes Move to Differentiate Capabilities by Aligning with Industry Best Practices INDIANAPOLIS, APRIL 11—AOTMP is pleased to announce the participation of Telesoft in the Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification Program. During the Program, Telesoft will align its software and [...]