Global Information, Research and Advisory Firm Launches AOTMP Industry Council

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The new council offers an exclusive peer-to-peer network for telecom, mobility and technology professionals to collaborate and advance the industry AOTMP, a global information, research and advisory firm for telecom, mobility and technology management best practices and industry standards, today announced the launch of a new industry council for enterprises and the vendor professionals who [...]

Apple iPhone X Highlights Enterprise Corporate-Liable vs. BYOD Conundrum

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The consumption by enterprises of world-class phones has increased as the demand for the latest and greatest technology has shaped a monumental change in the workforce. The workforce has become mobile and the enterprise is now grappling with the cost of the latest and greatest hardware versus its ability to maintain current and functional technology [...]

GSG Surges Ahead with Sakon – An AOTMP/Sakon Whitepaper

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Now more than ever, the CIO must innovate while maintaining operational excellence – and continue to adhere to budgetary and practical constraints. Cloud spending is increasing and business transformation is accelerating rapidly. All of these trends call for expert, experienced guidance. This whitepaper by AOTMP introduces Sakon, their applications, and what they do.

Greenstream International Targets AOTMP Efficiency First® Solution Certification

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Full service global device logistics and recycling company seeks another certification as a commitment to its customers INDIANAPOLIS, 20 February 2018—AOTMP is pleased to announce the participation of Greenstream International in the Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification Program. During the Program, Greenstream International will align its solution capabilities with the Efficiency First® Framework, a standard [...]

AOTMP in the News: How to choose an IT service management tool

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Originally published in TechBeacon.  See the original post. IT service management (ITSM) activities have steadily evolved from their beginnings, building up operational stability by managing the service desk, incidents, requests, changes, and problems. They rely on resources including configuration management databases (CMDBs) and service catalogs to improve asset management and request executions. ITSM practices accommodate functions such as capacity [...]

My Company Can’t Afford Fiber Re-Cabling, Does That Mean We Can’t Deploy an IoT Solution?

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A client recently asked me this and it made me think about how quickly our minds have accepted the idea that fiber optics are the only solution to data speed concerns. As companies explore new and exciting ways to include emerging technology in their business operations, they are routinely encountering limits on the speed with [...]

CyberReef Targets AOTMP Efficiency First® Solution Certification

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Mobile IoT Technology Leader Recognizes Value in Telecom Best Practices Certification INDIANAPOLIS, 13 February 2018—AOTMP is pleased to announce the participation of CyberReef Solutions in the Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification Program. The Program will assess and evaluate CyberReef’s patented capabilities, solution delivery and client experience practices as the organization strives to align its solution [...]

Blockchain: Beyond Financial Data

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AOTMP interviewed Chris Simandl, Owner of TEMteam, Co-founder of Peertech, and COO at Air to provide expert analysis of blockchain and what this new technology could mean for the future of the Telecom industry. Simandl has a vast background in the TEM world and provided his expert insight on the questions below. Blockchain was originally [...]

Analyst Perspective: Digital Transformation and the Near-Term Futures of TEM and MMS

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The TEM and MMS markets are rapidly becoming critical to enterprises mobility and telecom management. In other words, as both AOTMP Research and Blue Hill Research, a division of AOTMP, underscored in 2017, the same tools that drive TEM are necessary for managing entire IT departments and operations. TEM is evolving into IT Expense [...]