Analyst Perspective: Ways CIOs and CISOs are Addressing User Behavior: Cybersecurity Use Cases

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Publication date: September 2018 Following on The Biggest Risk to Enterprise Cybersecurity? The Employee, this report analyzes how CIOs and CISOs are approaching user behavior to prevent breaches. Peer-level insight, combined with AOTMP Research recommendations, will help fellow enterprises understand and adopt best practices to management to help avoid compromises to security.

AOTMP Research & Advisory Q4 & Q1 Research Agenda

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LINK TO ABSTRACTS FOR UPCOMING RESEARCH Date Title Type of Report 10/18 Why ITSM is the Hottest Software Segment in the Enterprise: Secrets to Integration Analyst Perspective 10/18 Integration Download: Why TEM to ITSM Integration Matters in Today's Ecosystem Analyst Perspective 10/18 So You Want a TEM: Landmines to Avoid When Selecting a TEM [...]

Analyst Perspective: Business Case Development: Is SD-WAN Right for Your Enterprise?

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Publication date: March 2019 Redundancy, resiliency, flexibility and affordability are traits that can be factored into a SD-WAN business case. But what should every enterprise really know about SD-WAN before embarking on business case development? This Analyst Perspective report explores the ins and outs of OPEX and CAPEX variables with SD-WAN compared to other technologies, as well as technical and operational considerations that every enterprise needs to know before developing a business case to migrate to SD-WAN.

Analyst Perspective: Telecom / Mobility / IT Professionals: How to Earn Change Agent Accolades by Flexing Your Digital Transformation Muscle

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Publication date: March 2019 Who owns digital transformation in business? Is it the telecom, mobility and IT professionals who push transformation to the business or is it business leaders who pull transformation from the technology experts? This Analyst Perspective report highlights the positions of telecom, mobility, IT professionals as business change agents and shares informed insights and case studies to bolster the view that technology leaders drive digital transformation.

Analyst Perspective: Digital Transformation: Beyond the Hype and into Reality

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Publication date: February 2019 The digital transformation movement is real. Rationalizing the role of technology as a business driver is powerful for the Telecom / Mobility / IT Management Industry and for the businesses consuming the technology. There is a significant amount of hype associated with digital transformation that isn’t real, though. This Analyst Perspective report debunks the myths and illuminates the truths of digital transformation today.

Market Landscape: Vendors Transforming the SD-WAN Landscape

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Publication date: February 2019 SD-WAN alleviates several of the technical, financial and operational constraints of its predecessor data networks. Benefits and opportunities abound with SD-WAN, but there are some critical differences compared to older technologies: how it is deployed and how it is managed. This Market Landscape report explores SD-WAN vendors that support the primary deployment approaches and offers market insights to enterprises at all stages of SD-WAN adoption. Importantly, this report does not rank vendors.

State of the Industry: 2019 State of the Telecom / Mobility / IT Management Industry

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Publication date: February 2019 The Telecom / Mobility / IT Management Industry is evolving rapidly. Digital transformation efforts are changing how technology needs to be managed. Yet telecom, mobility and IT departments remain challenged by service delivery inefficiency and shifting business demands, further complicating efforts. In addition, new security and privacy rules and regulations continue to require organizations to tighten their monitoring compliance controls. AOTMP Research & Advisory’s annual State of the Telecom / Mobility/ IT Management Industry report explores the latest trends and challenges, while forecasting what the industry can expect over the next 12-24 months.

Analyst Perspective: Telecom / Mobility / IT: Technology Radically Changing Business Outcomes

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Publication date: January 2019 Technology is a business enabler and a strategic asset. Making the most of this reality, though, requires a clear and current understanding of the opportunities provided by new and emerging technologies. This Analyst Perspective report highlights various telecom, mobility and infrastructure technologies that are leading the charge to deliver significant business results.

[Webinar Recording] Transforming Telecom & Mobility: AOTMP 2019 Conference Preview

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AOTMP 2019 is the premier Telecom / Mobility / IT Management event of the year. Join us for a webinar recording of topics and sessions you can attend at AOTMP 2019.