AOTMP® Launches Eight New Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Specialty Certification Exams

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AOTMP® releases eight new Specialty Certification Exams to expand the knowledge, elevate the standing, and grow the careers of technology professionals everywhere.

INDIANAPOLIS (July 6, 2020) — AOTMP®, the Association of Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Professionals, today announced the launch of eight new Specialty Certification Exams aligned to its proprietary Efficiency First® Framework 2020 principles and practices.

After identifying an industry-wide demand for more rigorous and integrous certification processes, the association has developed eight new Specialty Certification Exams to increase the value of its earned credentials and help AOTMP®-certified professionals stand apart in:

  • Aligning Efficiency First® Framework guiding principles with their practice area
  • Determining potential sources and systems of data related to their practice area
  • Identifying continuous improvement approach elements of their practice area
  • Understanding process development considerations related to their practice area
  • Demonstrating best practice knowledge required to effectively execute within their practice area

“Telecom, mobility, and IT professionals have valued AOTMP® Certifications as evidence of personal and professional achievement for over 17 years,” said AOTMP® Executive Vice President Timothy C. Colwell. “Today, we’re taking our certification credentials to a new level with Specialty Certification Exams harmonized with the Efficiency First® Framework’s guiding principles to deliver operational excellence, financial accountability, technical integrity, and business results.”

Technology professionals looking to expand their knowledge, elevate their industry standing, and grow their career will receive an AOTMP® Specialty Certification after successful completion of any of the following eight new exams:

Each exam contains 50 questions that must be completed in a single, 60-minute session. And, while AOTMP® University courses are not required to obtain an AOTMP® Specialty Certification, they are highly encouraged because professionals must score at least 90% to pass the exam and earn their certification. In fact, each Specialty Certification Exam features a recommended AOTMP® University courses list to ensure participants have the opportunity to learn all necessary subject matter prior to their exam.

If successfully passed, an earned AOTMP® Specialty Certification includes an electronic badge that serves as verified evidence of the professional’s achievement as well as credentials that do not expire. For more details on these new Specialty Certification Exams or on AOTMP® Certifications in general, please visit or email

About AOTMP®

AOTMP®, the Association of Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Professionals, is a membership organization focused on advancing technical, financial, and operational management practices. Dedicated to leading the industry into the future, AOTMP® helps businesses, public sector organizations, and service providers through solutions based on the patented Efficiency First® Framework, a set of best practices and principles that promote operational excellence, financial accountability, technical integrity, and business results. AOTMP® members practice and adopt Framework principles to drive performance improvement, productivity gains, and cost optimization while continuously strengthening business-service provider relationship value. For nearly two decades, AOTMP® has used analytics to synthesize global data and information gathered from thousands of telecom, mobility, and IT environments and professionals into insights that elevate performance. The Efficiency First® Framework is the foundation for resources available to association members and customers worldwide including AOTMP® University, Certifications, Events, Memberships, and Advisory Services.




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