A&B Groep Targets AOTMP Efficiency First Solution Certification

//A&B Groep Targets AOTMP Efficiency First Solution Certification

A&B Groep Targets AOTMP Efficiency First Solution Certification

Global Telecom Expense Management company seeks alignment with telecom management industry best practices

, FEBRUARY 17, 2016

AOTMP is pleased to announce participation of A&B Groep in the Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification Program.

As part of the Program, A&B Groep will align its global telecom expense management solution capabilities with the Efficiency First® Framework, a standard for driving technical, financial and operational efficiency across enterprise telecommunications environments.

A&B Groep’s participation in the Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification Program serves as an outward symbol of commitment to excellence and desire to provide unparalleled solutions to its customers. Certification is awarded upon meeting or exceeding top-tier performance requirements.

“A&B Groep supports a large number of companies globally, managing billions in client communications spend,” stated Timothy C. Colwell, AOTMP SVP of Efficiency First® Adoption. “Its leadership sees value in AOTMP certification; we look forward to supporting A&B Groep as it works toward demonstrating its TEM Solutions meet or exceed telecom industry standards established by the Efficiency First® Framework.”

“Becoming AOTMP Efficiency First® certified is a logical step that fits perfectly into our strategic plan in which we have expressed our ambition to become the leading global Telecom Expense Management auditing and benchmarking business,” stated Ron Rijkenberg, CEO of A&B Groep. “We are delighted to become a Certified Vendor because this means our practices are not only endorsed by our clients, but also enforced and certified through AOTMP – THE global association of TEM vendors and enterprises – objective and independent.”


AOTMP is an information services company that helps organizations take their fixed and mobile environment to a greater level of performance and helps telecom vendors achieve excellence in creating value for their clients. Using information and analytics to drive efficiencies, performance and productivity, business solutions are based on their patented Efficiency First® Framework. For more information, visit aotmp.com.


Based in the Netherlands, A&B Groep helps optimize telecom contracts and manage complex telecommunications challenges. Over 500 companies across the globe have come to safely rely on us.

Whether for fixed voice, mobile voice or data, we deal with any telecom challenges, provide insight and help our clients save on telecom expenses.

The operational support provided by A&B Groep relieves your ICT department from a considerable burden, providing clear telecom insight to maximize results. For more information, please visit: ab-groep.eu.