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AOTMP began operations in 2003 after key management team members sold their telecom bill auditing company, which was the largest in the country at the time. Through bill auditing, these visionary leaders realized that although they were helping clients fix their telecom billing errors and recouping money, the same issues would arise over and over again; as they were simply finding the same money every few years and not correcting the root of the problem. Thus, the bill auditing company was sold, and AOTMP was born.

The key behind AOTMP is in the data collection from enterprise telecom environments all around the globe. By utilizing data collected from our database of over 100,000 companies, AOTMP has determined what works and what doesn’t work in any telecom environment.  That data is continually assembled into best practices and industry standards (best practices adopted by 75% of the organizations become industry standards), which have been assembled into AOTMP’s proprietary Efficiency First® Framework. This Framework is similar to a Lean Six Sigma, ISO or ITIL approach, but is specific to managing a telecom environment.

Today, working with enterprises, small to medium businesses, public sector organizations and their telecom vendors, AOTMP drives efficiency, performance and productivity to a new standard in fixed and mobile telecom environments while transforming this spend category from an operating expense into a strategic asset used to drive business results. AOTMP is the Authority on Telecom Management Practices.


Our mission is to drive adoption and utilization of industry standards and best practices through the Efficiency First® Framework methodology to create a high-performing telecom management ecosystem.
Our vision is to create a telecom management ecosystem where over 80% of all end-user telecom environments around the globe are operating at 90% or greater efficiency, are Efficiency First® Certified, are supported by Efficiency First® Certified vendors, and are viewed by management as strategic assets that are used to drive business results.
The foundation of our company is the proprietary Efficiency First® Framework, a disciplined and best practice methodology to managing fixed and mobile telecom environments. Read more about the Efficiency First® Framework.

Evotem LLC is an Indiana Limited Liability Company.  Doing business as AOTMP®, Evotem® is comprised of these business units and solutions.

  • AOTMP University – courses, certifications and assessments
  • AOTMP Tools – tools portal and certified vendor directory
  • AOTMP Research & Advisory – research portal, custom research and analyst advisory sessions
  • AOTMP Analytics – scoring, measurements, analytics and recommendations
  • AOTMP Services – services for enterprises and services for vendors
  • AOTMP Events & Programs – annual conferences and webinars and the AOTMP Industry Council


  • Telecom Management certifying body
  • Unparalleled fixed and mobile telecom management best practice experts
  • Benchmarking and research database of nearly 100,000 companies
  • Proprietary scoring system for measuring and comparing performance in enterprise fixed & mobile telecom environments
  • Comprehensive library of best practices
  • Experience driving adoption in over 500 enterprise telecom environments – we know what works and what doesn’t
  • We’ve helped nearly 100 telecom vendors drive their business forward, become more competitive and enhance their enterprise solutions
  • Thousands of operational and financial telecom management resources for day-to-day productivity improvement
  • Industry and telecom environment research, case studies and supplier information
  • Hundreds of hours of best practice training and certification programs
  • Evaluation and scoring programs to drive individual and team performance
  • Process patents for most effectively managing the telecom environment

AOTMP’s clients include 100+ of the Fortune 500, small and medium businesses, public sector organizations and industry suppliers. Our clients represent $24+ billion in annual telecom spend and operate in over 170 countries.

What Our Clients Say

Being certified by AOTMP as an Efficiency First® Solution provider and receiving AOTMP’s support and guidance have certainly contributed to our recent successes which include being awarded a huge contract with a major global manufacturer. Thanks, AOTMP for all your assistance.
Richard Gumbleton, MDSL
AOTMP has been a tremendous asset for Global Capacity. The alignment to our core beliefs of analytics, process and delivering a better experience has helped us understand how to accelerate our business. We are believers in the Efficiency First investment.
Jack Lodge, Global Capacity
Since discovering AOTMP in 2012, I have gone on to achieve my Silver Certification. I believe the knowledge learned from my industry peers at the AOTMP Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Conference, and through monthly participation in the Telecom Management Industry Research Alliance surveys and webinars, has helped me stay current on a vast number of relevant IT topics.
Kimberly Alexander
The ROI we’ve received on our Efficiency First® Certification is easily six times the investment.
Jim Price, ICOMM