While we touched on the impact automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have on your organization months ago, a new study published by the Brookings Institution explores a little-discussed impact these technologies will have on white-collar jobs.

Until now, high-tech industries like software publishing or system design have been considered minimally susceptible to automation. However, this is changing. Many of today’s advanced AI tools and applications are being designed to reduce the workload for more than just repetitive, mundane tasks.

How White-Collar Jobs Will Be Affected

According to the study, educated professionals and white-collar males – not factory works or data entry clerks – will be the most likely groups to encounter AI that has the potential to disrupt daily work. This finding flies directly in the face of most previous findings that predicted low-wage employees would be the most likely to become victims of automation.

Overall, almost one-in-five occupations are expected to experience high exposure rates to AI in the coming years. And less tech-heavy industries aren’t expected to be impacted by robotics and automated software products as much as areas like San Jose or Seattle – cities home to many of the U.S.’s largest technology firms.

The institution estimates that as many as 45% of all jobs have the potential to be impacted by automation sooner rather than later. However, not all segments will be affected equally. The recent report goes so far to say that people-driven industries like healthcare, education, retail, and food services will continue to be largely immune to AI moving forward.

Beyond Work

AI and automation won’t stop at white-collar jobs. In fact, many experts believe this technology will go beyond work to evolve entire economies and reshape capitalism as we know it. The gap between the haves and have-nots will grow larger than ever – and a new AI-powered economy known as surveillance capitalism will surface.

This shift is perhaps the most significant global trend since the invention of printing almost 600 years ago. Technology is making it possible for businesses to provide free services – transforming revenue generation from selling products and services to monitoring user behavior and profiting off of the data-driven insights that result instead.

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