Analyst Perspective: Myths & Facts: An Informed Guide to MMS Vendor Evaluation

Publication date: December 2018

Choosing a managed mobility services (MMS) vendor may seem like a straightforward task but the truth is, the process is not that simple. Selecting an MMS provider calls for using some different criteria compared to vetting a telecom expense management vendor. This Analyst Perspective report guides enterprises through some of the myths surrounding MMS vendor selection and remedies those misconceptions with the facts. Organizations will come away more informed and prepared to search for a new MMS vendor, while MMS vendors themselves will gain third-party validation of their capabilities.

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  • With over 50 years of combined industry experience in telecom, mobility, and IT management, the AOTMP Research and Advisory team writes Analyst Perspectives, Market Landscapes, and State of the Industry papers. The team evaluates current and future state trends and performance in telecom management while addressing the needs and interests of enterprises and the vendors who support them. The AOTMP Research and Advisory team is comprised of Timothy C. Colwell, Scott Lawrence, Stacy Hiquet, Kelly Teal and Matt Swift.

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