Analyst Perspective: Switching TEM Vendors: How To Make It a Seamless Transition

Publication date: January 2019

The strength of enterprise/TEM vendor relationships can vary greatly. Some relationships flourish with mutually beneficial outcomes while others sour over time due to inadequate vendor performance. Many enterprises, though, decide to stay in a tumultuous TEM vendor relationship because they think switching will be too painful. Moving from one TEM vendor to another does not need to be an arduous task. This Analyst Perspective report provides insights into how to make the transition process as efficient and effective as possible.

Research Analyst: Scott Lawrence, Vice President, Performance Analytics

Benefits for Enterprises: 

  • Understand the frequency at which enterprises are switching TEM vendors
  • Evaluate the reasons why enterprises are changing vendors
  • Mitigate risk by implementing best practices when migrating to a new vendor

Benefits for Vendors: 

  • Understand the latest enterprise and vendor trends related to TEM vendor migrations
  • Mitigate risk by understanding the reasons why enterprises change vendors
  • Evaluate the issues enterprises most frequently experience during the TEM vendor migration process

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  • With over 50 years of combined industry experience in telecom, mobility, and IT management, the AOTMP Research and Advisory team writes Analyst Perspectives, Market Landscapes, and State of the Industry papers. The team evaluates current and future state trends and performance in telecom management while addressing the needs and interests of enterprises and the vendors who support them. The AOTMP Research and Advisory team is comprised of Timothy C. Colwell, Scott Lawrence, Stacy Hiquet, Kelly Teal and Matt Swift.

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