Analyst Perspective: Telecom/Mobility/IT: Technology Radically Changing Business Outcomes

Publication date: January 2019

An enterprise doesn’t necessarily have to have the latest technology to enable new types of business results – it just needs the insight and vision to use technology in new ways to achieve outcomes such as adding market share or gaining competitive advantage. Leading-edge capabilities can help make this happen faster or more smoothly, of course, yet for the most part, enterprises can realize successful outcomes through strategic vision and smart implementation of proven telecom, mobility and IT assets and services. This can be done internally or, perhaps ideally, with the help of vendors that have gleaned expertise from dozens of other client deployments. This Analyst Perspective report recommends key way to use technology to radically change business outcomes. Vendors will want to use the report as supporting material for the ways in which they impact enterprises’ business objectives.

Technology Creating Real-World Outcomes

AOTMP Research & Advisory spoke with four enterprise respondents for this report to learn more about how they have used technology to change business outcomes. The stories were compelling and varied in complexity and aim. That speaks to the reality that because every organization’s needs differ, so must the solutions they put in place. Therefore, consider these mini case studies as examples for using telecom, mobility and IT to achieve various kinds of goals.

Research Analyst: Kelly Teal, Senior Research Analyst

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  • With over 50 years of combined industry experience in telecom, mobility, and IT management, the AOTMP Research and Advisory team writes Analyst Perspectives, Market Landscapes, and State of the Industry papers. The team evaluates current and future state trends and performance in telecom management while addressing the needs and interests of enterprises and the vendors who support them. The AOTMP Research and Advisory team is comprised of Timothy C. Colwell, Scott Lawrence, Stacy Hiquet, Kelly Teal and Matt Swift.

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