The Interconnect Between Personal and Business: What We’re Connecting to, Why and Ways to Reduce Risk to the Organization

News seems to break every day that yet another digital security breach has hit another unsuspecting enterprise, whether by hack or human error. It’s clear that organizations of all types – and perhaps especially those focused on mobile endpoints – have a long way to go when it comes to security. After all, there’s a direct connection between personal and business devices and that affects the enterprise’s security. This short report addresses the gaps and provides guidance for organizations working to shore up management of their fixed and mobile security practices.



  • With over 50 years of combined industry experience in telecom, mobility, and IT management, the AOTMP Research and Advisory team writes Analyst Perspectives, Market Landscapes, and State of the Industry papers. The team evaluates current and future state trends and performance in telecom management while addressing the needs and interests of enterprises and the vendors who support them. The AOTMP Research and Advisory team is comprised of Timothy C. Colwell, Scott Lawrence, Stacy Hiquet, Kelly Teal and Matt Swift.

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