Analyst Perspective: Use Cases in How Telecom, Mobility and Technology Impact the Business

///Analyst Perspective: Use Cases in How Telecom, Mobility and Technology Impact the Business

Analyst Perspective: Use Cases in How Telecom, Mobility and Technology Impact the Business

Analyst Perspective 1

This report contains actual AOTMP case studies that highlight the critical role the telecom/mobility/technology management department should play in contributing to organization-wide success.



  • Timothy C. Colwell leads AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Adoption practice, which establishes performance scoring standards, issues enterprise and vendor Efficiency First® Certifications, and manages Efficiency First® Framework development and evolution. He is the lead innovation architect for AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Framework, a disciplined, best practice-driven approach to managing fixed and mobile telecom environments.

  • Andrew Hartwyk joined as Senior Research Director to AOTMP’s Research and Advisory practice in 2017 following a role as advisor and Vice President of Strategy with Mobile reCell, a fast-growing innovator in mobile asset recovery software for complex enterprise asset management solutions. Andrew became a mobility and telecom management evangelist through working with MOBI Wireless Management in a variety of roles, from operational to sales, culminating with solution architect, putting him on the front lines working with enterprises striving to manage their evolving mobile environments. At MOBI, Andrew executed the deployment of complex mobile management programs across the globe, leading enterprises through the early adoption of BYOD, EMM/MDM/UEM, and M2M/IoT at scale. Andrew is a frequent presenter on enterprise mobility topics, delivering keynote presentations on enterprise mobile best practices at the 2016 HDI Summit, AirWatch Connect 2016, and several case study presentations at more than a dozen enterprise technology conferences.

  • Scott is heavily involved in AOTMP’s Performance Scoring and Research teams. In his role, he helps organizations understand their current financial, operational and technical efficiency position relative to industry peers in order to identify areas of strength and opportunity. He also serves as subject matter expert and consultant for AOTMP’s Research & Advisory solution, helping both enterprises and vendors confront and mitigate the challenges that exist within their organizations while improving understanding of fixed and mobile telecom management trends that drive the industry. With over 20 years of telecom and IT management industry experience, Scott has authored numerous publications and served as a featured presenter in many speaking engagements within the practice of fixed and mobile telecom management.

  • Kelly authors many of AOTMP Research’s reports, from Analyst Perspectives and Market Landscapes to vendor whitepapers, Anatomy of a Decision insights and more. Thanks to a background diverse in technology journalism, Kelly is able to write with versatility across AOTMP Research’s practice areas. This has cultivated a skillset that allows her to speak to the range of issues enterprises and vendors face amid the ever-changing telecom, mobility and IT management climate.

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