Announcing AOTMP®’s New Vision: The Association for Telecom, Mobility, & IT Management Professionals

Built on a foundation that features over 15 years of global expertise, AOTMP® will deliver authority to telecom, mobility, and IT management professionals around the world as an association that aims to move the industry forward.

INDIANAPOLIS (June 3, 2020) — AOTMP®, a leading telecom, mobility, and IT management company, today announced its intention to transform the industry by becoming a membership association. As a global technology management innovator with over 15 years of experience, this evolutionary step better positions AOTMP® to support career development, inspire industry progress, and transform how organizations and industry professionals strategically use their technology to influence growth.

“This is an exciting opportunity that has energized our employees, our customers, and the industry at-large,” said AOTMP® CEO Tim Lybrook. “By embracing this membership association model, AOTMP® will be able to expand its reach, elevate its position in the market, and deliver industry professionals everyone a very special experience.”

As technology becomes a critical component of today’s business environment, telecom, mobility, and IT management is being used a significant and driving force to fuel progress everywhere. In its new role as the industry’s authoritative association, AOTMP® will empower professionals, elevate their standing, and help them improve business results by delivering the real-world tools, strategies, and opportunities they need now more than ever.

“Telecom, mobility, and IT management is changing fast,” said Lybrook. “Industry professionals need accessible tools and resources from a partner backed by global expertise. AOTMP® is more ready than ever to leave a meaningful, lasting impact on everyone involved in the modern technology management ecosystem.”

While this transformation is a bold, new direction for AOTMP®, the organization’s next chapter features a reenergized and refocused approach to the solutions thousands of global technology managers trust today. However, the organization’s membership association status will deliver a variety of new, innovative products and services including:

  • Instructor-led online class and onsite training opportunity options for the AOTMP® University training platform
  • Specialty-, Professional-, and Master-level professional certifications that feature resource toolkits, self-assessments, and proctored online examinations
  • Three new levels – Standard, Premium, and Elite – of enterprise and vendor membership to maximize member participation, partnership opportunities, and the value of the AOTMP® professional network
  • And more to come

AOTMP®’s Mission

Technology is transforming business as usual into business like never before – and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Employees are using an average of three devices every day to get work done, and organizations need the tools and expertise to keep their people, their processes, and their data moving forward.

Our mission is to help telecom, mobility, and IT management professionals bring the industry into the future. And through AOTMP® University, Certifications, Events, Memberships, and Advisory Services, we deliver the authority to make this possible.

Over the coming months, more information will be rolled out about the evolution of AOTMP®. Stay up-to-date by visiting or by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


About AOTMP®

AOTMP®, the Association of Telecom, Mobility and IT Management Professionals, is a membership organization focused on advancing technical, financial, and operational management practices.  Dedicated to leading the industry into the future, AOTMP® helps businesses, public sector organizations, and service providers through solutions based on the patented Efficiency First® Framework – a set of best practices and principles that promote operational excellence, financial accountability, technical integrity, and business results. AOTMP® members practice and adopt Framework principles to drive performance improvement, productivity gains, and cost optimization while continuously strengthening business–service provider relationship value. For nearly two decades, AOTMP® has used analytics to synthesize global data and information gathered from thousands of telecom, mobility, and IT environments and professionals into insights that elevate performance. The Efficiency First® Framework is the foundation for resources available to association members and customers worldwide including AOTMP® University, Certifications, Events, Memberships, and Advisory Services.




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