For almost 60 years, this global retailer has helped families save money and live better. With more than 5,900 outlets across 26 countries, this organization serves more than 100 million shoppers every week. With devices used by more than 700,000 associates, this global retailer needed help understanding its complete telecom, mobility, and IT asset inventory.




Telecom Expense Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Cloud, and Internet of Things


This retail organization wanted to cut its technology management expenses, understand opportunities for savings and program efficiency, and drive business results with measurable performance improvements. To do so, however, it needed to overcome several challenges first:

  • Identify unused and underused telecom, mobility, and IT assets
  • Lack of actualized cost allocations and expense management expertise
  • Uncertainty of how to measure inventory management and where to begin
  • Inability to validate asset management data
  • Lack of IT asset management best practices


With AOTMP® Advisory Services, the organization was able to gain insight into what was working – and what wasn’t – in terms of its global device management. Through a combination of software-driven industry best practices and forensic physical site validations, the global retailer identified its most effective services and where financial waste and excessive spend were occurring.

As a solution aligned with AOTMP®’s technical, financial, and operational principles, our IT Asset & Service Validation uncovered immediate savings opportunities and strategies to optimize technology management spend. With the support of nearly two decades of industry excellence and efficiency backing this service, the organization was able to update its IT management practice and gain greater understanding of its entire asset portfolio.

“[AOTMP®] gave us not only insights, but the practical tools and actionable strategies to create continuous optimization opportunities. Beyond the cost savings any solution could provide, AOTMP® showed us a new way to do business and make a lasting impact with our technology.”

— Chief Technology Officer


After performing IT Asset Validation, this organization was able to uncover millions of dollars in monthly program cost savings. Today, this global retailer not only has a clearer view of where its devices reside but understands how to use technology to drive organization and increase business results strategically and deliberately.

“Our people have always been a strength, but now we’re smarter about how we use technology to empower their daily routines and better serve our customers. [AOTMP® Advisory Services] gave us data and performance insights to drive innovation and make IT a key player in our future business growth.”

— Chief Operating Officer

Going forward, this organization plans to use the insight gained from our Advisory service to deploy new technologies and maximize employee adoption of these devices. Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and best practices will continue to not only help the global retailer save money, but to align its technology management strategies with strategic organizational goals and values.

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AOTMP® is an organization focused on advancing technical, financial, and operational management practices as the Association of Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Professionals
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