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Center of Excellence

How to Build a Telecom Management Center of Excellence: Your Journey Starts Here

Organizations are challenged to innovate and efficiently manage the lifecycle of business-driving technology. Emerging technologies such as cloud, SD-WAN and 5G are being introduced into the enterprise environment at an ever-increasing rate. Keeping up with the pace of change while understanding how this technology drives business results can be complex tasks for IT and Telecom leaders.

Challenges persist despite organizations’ repeated attempts to overcome them.

  • CIOs struggle to maintain a balance between innovation and operational excellence.
  • Business unit leaders and line of business owners require increased strategic cooperation with telecom/IT/mobility to drive business growth and opportunity.
  • Telecom/IT departments are challenged with ongoing service delivery inefficiency while trying to keep pace with the changing demands of the business.

The solution to overcoming technology challenges and leveraging the telecom/IT/mobility environment to drive technical, operational and financial excellence while promoting business growth and opportunity lies with implementing Efficiency First® Framework Principles and building a Telecom Management Center of Excellence.

AOTMP has designed a holistic set of enterprise services that will take you on this journey, including Performance Scoring and Evaluation, AOTMP University Classes, informational toolkits, Research and Advisory packages tailored to the business need, and more.

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