AOTMP Launches “State of the Telecom Management Industry” Symposium Enrollment For Telecom Vendors

//AOTMP Launches “State of the Telecom Management Industry” Symposium Enrollment For Telecom Vendors

AOTMP Launches “State of the Telecom Management Industry” Symposium Enrollment For Telecom Vendors

Limited Space Available

state of the telecom management industry vendor symposiumINDIANAPOLIS, MAY 12, 2016—AOTMP, a global leader in telecom management best practices and industry standards, opened registration today for the 2016 “State of the Telecom Management Industry” Vendor Symposium. The event, specifically for telecom and information technology vendors, will be held in Orlando, Florida on Monday, October 17 and Tuesday, October 18.

This year’s symposium, which focuses on the relationship between telecom vendors and enterprise clients, is the first AOTMP vendor-only event to take place in several years. The subject matter encompasses a multitude of industry-specific research conducted by AOTMP that brings to light key business takeaways such as methods to accelerate business, improve market value, optimize revenue potential, and maximize customer retention.

The itinerary of this two-day event also includes a panel discussion with telecom professionals on the enterprise side of the industry. The panel session will provide telecom vendors an intimate, inside look at the pain points, frustrations, success stories, and key factors that influence enterprise telecom and technology buying decisions. The end goal of the symposium is to provide telecom vendors with information that will help them align their company’s best practices and standards to best support their prospects and clients.

“For over ten years now, AOTMP has been collecting data from thousands of enterprise environments all over the globe and has gained significant insight into what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s important to them in their fixed and mobile telecom environments,” states Tim Lybrook, CEO of AOTMP. “With this research data, combined with two all-star panels of enterprise speakers, AOTMP is very excited to bring unique insight to telecom vendors in October.”

The “State of the Telecom Management Industry” Symposium has limited seating; all interested telecom  and IT vendors are strongly encouraged to register early. For more information, visit or email contact information and inquiries to


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