AOTMP® Online Telecom Management Training Realizes Milestone

AOTMP® University Global Adoption Expands as Enterprises Implement Best Practices 

aotmp-university-logoINDIANAPOLIS, January 26, 2016 — Recently, AOTMP® realized key milestones for AOTMP® University, its 24/7 online telecom management training suite. To date, the leader in telecom management best practices has issued 2500 specialty certifications and 300 professional certifications which validate adherence to specific industry methodologies. Of those certifications, half belong to telecom professionals across Europe and Asia.

AOTMP® University’s online interface, 24/7 access and ease-of-use for students has led to strong adoption from global organizations as their preferred telecom training option. Students choose from individual courses, specific role-based certifications such as Invoice Auditing, Mobility and TEM Project Management; and combine multiple role-based certifications to make up professional certifications of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Master.

“We’re thrilled that the global community has embraced AOTMP® University as their preferred training tool for telecom staff and beyond,” states Timothy C. Colwell, SVP Efficiency First® Adoption at AOTMP. “We’ve had terrific feedback from our clients regarding ease-of-use and relevance; and we’re seeing more companies choose to tie certifications to employee performance reviews in order to truly have company-wide adoption and adherence to the best practices they’re learning.”

New course releases have recently included training related to Change Management, Inventory Management and Organizational Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which further enhance learning opportunities for not only telecom-specific employees, but employees throughout an organization such as those in procurement, information technology and even executive-level positions.


AOTMP is an information services company that assists organizations in taking their fixed and mobile environment to a greater level of performance, and helps telecom vendors achieve excellence in creating value for their clients. Using information and analytics to drive efficiencies, performance and productivity, business solutions are based on the patented Efficiency First® Framework which drives adoption and utilization of industry standards and best practices to create a high-performing telecom management ecosystem.

AOTMP’s clients represent $24+ billion in annual telecom spend and include 100+ of the Fortune 500, small and medium businesses, public sector organizations and industry suppliers. For more information on AOTMP University, visit For more information, visit