AOTMP® Research Releases Analysis of Mobility Management Vendor GoExceed


AOTMP® Research Releases Analysis of Mobility Management Vendor GoExceed

AOTMP® Research’s newest report summarizes GoExceed’s differentiators to help the Mobility Management industry better understand its unique business value.

INDIANAPOLIS (October 29, 2019) — GoExceed today released its AOTMP® Research Company Overview Report, which offers independent, third-party insight into and analysis of GoExceed’s mobility management differentiators for mid-market businesses, enterprises, and vendors alike.

AOTMP® Research found that GoExceed stands out as the industry’s only solution officially backed by Microsoft Business Intelligence. Among the report’s findings, AOTMP® Research believes GoExceed’s combination of automation and engineering expertise is truly unique to the mobility management marketplace and offers customers tremendous business value.

“GoExceed is uniquely positioned to solve mobility management’s most serious business challenges,” said Matt Louden, AOTMP® Research Analyst. “The vendor’s solution offers a 360-degree view that goes beyond identifying potential issues to empower clients by helping them actively make changes and take advantage of improvement opportunities in real-time.”

Most importantly, GoExceed offers mobility management solutions that help organizations of all sizes overcome their number one challenge: accurate reporting and data analytics. The vendor delivers device-specific insights to mobility program leaders, enabling clients to analyze current behaviors and trends, optimize current capabilities, and enhance mobility management to create competitive business advantages.

“Others claim to do what GoExceed does, but the devil is in the details,” said Bob Chvatal, Senior Vice President at GoExceed. “Check us out!”

Mid-market businesses, enterprises, and vendors interested in learning more about GoExceed’s mobility management capabilities can click here to access the full AOTMP® Research Company Overview Report on our Research Portal.

About GoExceed

Founded in 2001, GoExceed is recognized as an industry leader in Wireless Expense Management solutions. We service over 1 million enterprise wireless devices per year and our clients range from mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our comprehensive suite of management solutions have revolutionized the way companies manage their wireless accounts, devices, users, costs, data, cost centers, contracts, policies, and more. We firmly believe that innovation is not only the key to our success, but essential in an ever-changing wireless landscape across the world. GoExceed empowers businesses with real-time reporting and analytics, enabled by Microsoft Power BI, in order to proactively reduce time, money, and resources. Your success is what drives our passion for technology and innovation. Visit for more information.

About AOTMP®

AOTMP® is a worldwide leader in telecom, mobility, and IT management best practices and research. For over two decades, it has been on the forefront of telecommunications, mobility, and information technology management with its comprehensive suite of solutions including AOTMP® University, AOTMP® Research, the AOTMP® Industry Council, AOTMP® Performance Scoring & Analytics, and its baseline and validation services. With its proprietary and patented Efficiency First® Framework, it applies best practices to telecom, mobility, and information technology environments. Powered by years of analytics and data, AOTMP® continues to make strides as an authority in the industry.





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