AOTMP® Research Releases Analysis of UCaaS Vendor MightyCall

AOTMP® Research Releases Analysis of UCaaS Vendor MightyCall

INDIANAPOLIS (June 27, 2019)—MightyCall today released its AOTMP® Research Vendor Visibility Profile, which offers independent, third-party insight into, and analysis of, MightyCall’s unified communications as a service (UCaaS) capabilities for small and very small businesses.

AOTMP Research found that MightyCall stands out in its attention to the communication and collaboration requirements of small and very small businesses, a segment often overlooked by technology vendors.

“At MightyCall, we strive to give solo entrepreneurs and the smaller businesses out there the tools they need to reach their customer base at a direct and affordable price. Entrepreneurs can rest easy knowing they have an ever-evolving yet streamlined software to maximize every business conversation they have,” says Anna Miranchuk, MightyCall’s Product Manager.

One of AOTMP Research’s key findings ties to MightyCall’s simplicity and accessibility. Small and very businesses want to understand their UCaaS options, and they want platforms that work across devices and with little to no IT know-how. MightyCall has designed UCaaS that meets those needs.

“AOTMP Research is proud to present MightyCall to firms looking for simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-procure UCaaS solutions,” said Kelly Teal, senior research analyst at AOTMP Research.

Businesses interested in MightyCall can download the Vendor Visibility profile here to learn more.



Founded in 1999 and now operating out of Palo Alto, California, MightyCall is a fast-growing Voice over Internet Protocol cloud service.

A modern alternative to traditional office communications, MightyCall makes it possible for solo entrepreneurs and even the smallest businesses to have professional communications capacity without the constraints of technical hardware or even an office. Using VoIP telephony, small business owners can stay connected anywhere, as they are able to field calls on a range of devices, from cell phones and tablets to a desktop or desk phone.

Aimed at solo entrepreneurs or small businesses, MightyCall pares down the advanced technical jargon and complex explanations of VoIP software’s inner workings so anyone can sign up for the service and be comfortable using it. An intuitive and crisp User Interface allows users to make the most of standard and advanced VoIP features to manage their call flows and maximize their customer communications and staff.

Currently serving over 10,000 small businesses across the U.S. and Canada, MightyCall constantly adds new features and tweaks the UI based on thorough analysis of customer feedback. If you’d like to learn more about the company’s quest to empower the American entrepreneurial spirit, please visit



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