AOTMP® Research Releases New Report Assessing Tangoe’s New Technologies and Customer Service Roadmaps

AOTMP® Research Releases New Report Assessing Tangoe’s New Technologies and Customer Service Roadmaps

INDIANAPOLIS (June 25, 2019)—AOTMP® Research today published a new report assessing the initiatives outlined by Tangoe® for making its expense management approach more cohesive and its customer service more responsive and agile.

The report, Tangoe’s New Technology, Customer-Service Roadmaps: AOTMP® Research Analyzes the Vendor’s Strategy, provides independent, third-party guidance and analysis for existing Tangoe clients, for prospective users and for Tangoe itself. Tangoe specializes in telecom, mobility and cloud expense management.

“Tangoe has made significant progress in streamlining its platforms and service delivery,” said Tim Lybrook, CEO of AOTMP®. “Based on what we heard at Tangoe LIVE™, the conversations we had with executives, and our longtime insight into Tangoe’s efforts, we are encouraged by the vendor’s progress.”

Tangoe executives consider the AOTMP® Research report as a validation point in the execution of their strategy to accelerate the consolidation of platforms, and to enhance the customer relationship and overall experience.

“We listened to our customers and industry experts—like AOTMP—and we gained new insights about how Tangoe could build a streamlined solution that meets the needs of our customers,” said Bob Irwin, Tangoe CEO. “We took action on that feedback and developed a complete solution for fixed, mobile and cloud built on world-class technology with industry-leading automation and a great user experience. Purpose-built for program, expense and asset management and supported by the most experienced and engaged people in the industry, the Tangoe Platform™ helps customers optimize fixed expenses, roll out new mobile programs and take control of cloud spending.”

AOTMP® Research recommends Tangoe customers and prospects alike to read its report to better understand what Tangoe has in store. Download the report, Tangoe’s New Technology, Customer-Service Roadmaps: AOTMP Research Analyzes the Vendor’s Strategy, on the Tangoe website.


Tangoe® is the leading Enterprise Technology Management solution provider helping customers centralize, comprehend and control their technology environments. Tangoe manages more than $40 billion in technology spend and more than 10 million technology assets across the globe—five times more than its three closest competitors combined. Nearly half of the Fortune 500 rely on Tangoe to optimize their technology programs, expenses, and assets through Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Managed Mobility Services (MMS), and Cloud Expense Management (CEM) solutions. To learn more about Tangoe’s Enterprise Technology Management solutions, visit



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