AOTMP® Sets New Standard for Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Maturity with Efficiency First® Framework v3.1

Efficiency First® Framework v3.1

AOTMP® Sets New Standard for Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Maturity with Efficiency First® Framework v3.1

The new framework defines strategic performance measures, tactical diagnostic measures, and best practice principles used to optimize the Center of Excellence business value.

INDIANAPOLIS  (August 1, 2019)— AOTMP® today released its Efficiency First® Framework v3.1 to create an updated set of industry standards capable of more accurately measuring telecom, mobility, and IT management maturity.

The latest version of AOTMP®’s Efficiency First® Framework features almost two dozen changes that aim to serve two purposes: 1.) more closely align the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry with global Center of Excellence principles and 2.) expand best practice principles to reflect the modern and evolving technology supporting the telecom, mobility, and I environment.

“We’re excited to debut the Efficiency First® Framework v3.1,” said Timothy C. Colwell, Executive Vice President at AOTMP®. “As we expand beyond traditional telecom and mobility-focused assets and services to meet the needs of the modern technology management environment, enterprises and vendors need an all-encompassing industry standard to measure performance and efficiency. Our Efficiency First® Framework v3.1 gives these organizations the tools and best practices they need to monitor telecom, mobility, and IT maturity across any potential use case or application.”

While the new Efficiency First® Framework features extensive changes, here is a brief summary of v3.1’s most important new features:

  • Definition of the Efficiency First® Framework changed to more closely align with the Center of Excellence principles
  • Expansion of telecom-specific language and principles to include a comprehensive telecom, mobility, and IT management focus
  • Center of Excellence definition added
  • Vendor type/definition changes to simplify and clarify standards
  • Sub-activity changes to more accurately capture the meaning and value of each best practice principle defined within 30 essential core management activities

The telecom, mobility and IT management ecosystem defines relationships, establishes the business value of technology, and influence the evolution of the entire industry. If you’d like to learn more about AOTMP®’s Efficiency First® Framework and how it impacts enterprises and vendors, please visit

About AOTMP®

AOTMP® is a worldwide leader in telecom, mobility, and IT management best practices and research. For over two decades, it has been on the forefront of telecommunications, mobility, and information technology management with its comprehensive suite of solutions including AOTMP® University, AOTMP® Research, the AOTMP® Industry Council, AOTMP® Performance Scoring & Analytics, and its baseline and validation services. With its proprietary and patented Efficiency First® Framework, it applies best practices to telecom, mobility, and information technology environments. Powered by years of analytics and data, AOTMP® continues to make strides as an authority in the industry.


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