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Invoice Auditing Fundamentals Bootcamp


This 3-day intensive live training from AOTMP University gives your telecom team the necessary tools for invoice auditing in your environment, including best practices, considerations and mitigations. Based on the Efficiency First® Framework, this training will help you streamline processes and cut out unnecessary waste.

“It’s not a coincidence that since we have started certifying our employees through AOTMP University, the amount of telecom spend we have saved our clients has dramatically increased. Our delivery teams and practitioners have become highly skilled and have honed in on more billing errors and overspend than ever,” Tanner Roberts, Teligistics

Who Should Attend: invoice auditors looking to take their skills to the next level, new FTEs with no telecom background looking to quickly upskill, vendor management looking to successfully manage the TEM/EMM vendor relationship, and FTEs of new invoice auditing programs

The course is customized for each person based on their level of skill, and we will work with you to help you fill in any gaps.

What if I’m already an AOTMP University student? This course makes a great addition to your training, and is a chance to experience the courses in a live environment and to interact with your instructor. We know that people learn best in different ways. This is a very intensive course, so if you are someone who learns best in a classroom setting, this opportunity is for you.

Each attendee that passes the final exam will be awarded a AOTMP University Invoice Auditing Bootcamp Specialty Certification and 24 credit hours toward a Professional Level Certification.

What’s Included?

All course materials are included, and lunch will be provided each day. Any travel, hotel, and other meal arrangements are on your own.


Telecom Invoice Auditing Fundamentals Bootcamp Certification Agenda

Day 1

Morning Session – Meet/Greet. Identify and address any continuing knowledge gaps established by User pre-work and answer any questions stemming from the User pre-work

Afternoon Session –  Discussion of the tools of the trade, how to read CSRs, and identify all necessary auditing materials. Deep dive on clarifying service provider tariffs/rate tables

Day 2

Morning Session –  Invoice Essentials, verification, error identification. Details of Service provider invoice and contract details, rate and contract compliance verification, identifying errors (MPLS, Toll Free, mobile), correcting errors and obtaining credits

Afternoon Session – understanding the full telecom invoice audit life cycle, how to manage disputes with providers, discussion of how to negotiate contracts and best practice efforts leading to invoice/contract consolidation

Day 3

Morning Session – cost avoidance/containment, data accuracy, building a business case for auditing, telecom strategy. Deep dive into why your company should use an ongoing audit program, the importance of having the right data available at the right time to optimize a telecom environment and cost avoidance/containment concerns

Afternoon Session – BYOB: Bring Your Own Bills. The group is encouraged to bring examples of invoices from their own environment to participate in a hands-on session where AOTMP Auditing Experts will be available in the room/via Skype to answer any specific questions and to walk through the particular details of the trainee’s invoice

Final Exam – Online via laptop/mobile device utilizing AOTMP University LMS


Each attendee that passes the final exam will be awarded a AOTMP University Invoice Auditing Bootcamp Specialty Certification and 24 credit hours toward a Professional Level Certification

San Francisco
August 7—9, 2018
$3,000 per learner