AOTMP® Unveils Next Evolution of AOTMP University

INDIANAPOLIS, July 1, 2015—Recently, AOTMP evaluated all certifications offered by AOTMP University in order to structure the telecom management training and certification to reflect the most relevant coursework for today’s careers and their specific challenges. The certifications have been fine-tuned to address role-specific job demands; and several new certifications were launched to meet the current needs of employees and their organizations.

The newest certifications present a revealing snapshot of careers and trends in the Telecom Management Industry, and ensure alignment to the principles of the Efficiency First® Framework, a disciplined and best practice approach for managing a fixed and mobile environment.

AOTMP® University also boasts a new online interface with improved functionality and ease-of-use for students, clear certification course paths, and easy tracking of completed and required courses. Students may choose from specific role-based certifications such as Invoice Auditing, Mobility and TEM Project Management; multiple role-based certifications make up professional certifications of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Master.

“Telecom management training allows an organization to ensure its employees have baseline knowledge as well as standardization of best practices and consistency across the organization,” states David King, SVP, Efficiency First® Operations. “Organizations realize alignment of workflow, increased efficiencies throughout the organization, and create the foundation for a Center Of Excellence. Certified individuals also ensure they are implementing best practices, which brings increased job satisfaction and professional development to make them more desirable in the workplace.”