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Apple DEP and MDM | Wireline Carrier Service Plans

Q: Does Apple’s DEP replace MDM technology?

A: No. Apple’s Device Enrollment Plan (DEP) helps organizations deploy corporate-owned Apple devices. It offers touchless configuration and set-up to organization specifications and enrollment with corporate managed MDM technology. DEP is a companion to MDM with a key benefit of supporting MDM configuration on the device without the need to touch or connect to the physical device.

Q: Are wireline carrier service plans that eliminate common surcharges legitimate?

A: Yes. Several competitive carriers offer all-in-one pricing that bundles service line charges with surcharges like USF and PICC into a single monthly charge. While the monthly charge may be slightly higher for an all-in-one service, it may be more cost effective if surcharges and fees are stabilized on a monthly basis for the term of the agreement as compared to traditional pricing models with variable surcharge and fee rates. Note that taxes are not commonly bundled into an all-in-one charge, so adding taxes to the stated charge provides a total monthly carrier cost figure for evaluation against traditional pricing models.

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