Ask the Telecom Pro – Call Detail and International Carriers

Timothy C. Colwell Timothy C. Colwell
SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption

Ask the Telecom Pro

Q: Are call detail records considered personally identifiable information? 

A: Telecom data may be considered personally identifiable information (PII), as call records can be used to identify specific call transactions. Many companies are including CDR and other telecom billing information in the set of PII data to be secured and protected. This is particularly prevalent in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance. While telecom data is not specifically called out in PII regulations, it is advisable to treat the data in the same regard as other data required to be secured and kept confidential.

Q: Are international telecom carriers required to provide detailed invoices?

A: No. Requirements for telecom carriers across the globe to provide detailed invoice information varies widely. In the US, truth in billing regulations dictate that invoiced charges be itemized and available to charge level details, but the same rules do not apply across the globe.

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