Ask the Telecom Pro: What Does Copper Retirement Mean? | What is the Difference Between a Private Cloud and an Internal Cloud?

Timothy C. Colwell Timothy C. Colwell
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Copper Retirement | Private Cloud vs. Internal Cloud

Q:  What does copper retirement mean?

A:  PSTN transitioning is underway and carriers are retiring traditional copper network facilities. This means that, when retired, businesses and consumers will no longer be able to order services delivered using copper pairs and existing copper services will be replaced. A good resource for tracking copper retirement status by carrier is the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau found at

Q: What’s the difference between a private cloud and an internal cloud?

A:  Both terms refer to a cloud computing configuration that is not available to the general public. A private cloud may be configured over the internet or a private network. An internal cloud is a private cloud that is established and maintained by a company’s internal IT department, while a private cloud may be established and maintained by a third party.

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