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Difference Between MMS and EMM | Carrier Free TEM Services

Q: What’s the difference between MMS and EMM?

A: MMS is an acronym for Managed Mobility Services and EMM is an acronym for Enterprise Mobility Management. Commonly, EMM refers to the entirety of an organization’s mobility management practice that includes all workflow, systems and services involved in mobile service enablement for an organization and its internal customers. MMS refers to a managed service offering provided by a vendor for all or part of an organization’s EMM practice.

Q: Are free TEM services offered by carriers as good as TEM services offered by independent vendors?

A: A carrier may be able to provide a technology platform that supports some TEM activities equally as well as an independent TEM vendor, but the scope of capabilities available in a free solution will be limited. Additionally, free TEM solutions typically do not include managed or professional services commonly needed by enterprises to gain full benefit of a TEM program. Business requirements are critical in every TEM program and comparing yours against functionality available in free and paid TEM services will help you to identify the right solution for your situation.

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