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Ask the Telecom Pro – Service Inventory and Carrier Discounts

Timothy C. Colwell Timothy C. Colwell
SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption

Ask the Telecom Pro

Q:  Should toll free numbers be included in a telecom management service inventory even if the numbers don’t have a line item charge?

A:  Yes.  Best practice dictates that all telecom services and should be itemized in an inventory to provide service visibility.  Even if the toll free numbers do not have an itemized charge, usage against the numbers is possible and understanding the toll free number associated with usage charges is beneficial.  Also, having visibility into all toll free numbers supports configuration and design activities.

Q:  Do telecom carriers offer early pay discounts?

A:  Some carriers may offer early pay discounts as a standard offering, but this provision can be negotiated into virtually any vendor contract.  If your company is willing to pay invoices prior to the remit date, then ask your carrier to offer a discount for early payment and negotiate terms in a contract amendment.

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