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Vendor Value in ITAM

If yesterday’s post didn’t make it clear enough, IT Asset management (ITAM) is a big deal. And, like pretty much anything else in technology, ITAM is changing fast. So fast, in fact, that many organizations are...

ITAM fundamentals

Is Your ITAM Missing Something?

In today’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) environment, risk unfortunately takes many forms. While a masked man sitting behind a keyboard in a darkly lit room may immediately come to mind, the threats many organizat...

MDM strategy

Create Your Winning MDM Strategy in Four Simple Steps

If you read my last post, you already know that Mobile Device Management (MDM) delivers more than security. If properly prepared, an MDM strategy doesn’t just provide support for multiple operating systems – it...

MDM benefits

Why MDM Matters

Considering today’s smartphone market has surpassed that of traditional PCs, more organizations than ever are assessing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. After all, 75% of IT managers need new security ...


MDM Market Evolution

While Mobile Device Management (MDM) may be past its prime in the United States, globally this security platform is still experiencing impressive growth. Through 2025, MDM is projected to grow compound annual r...

IT sourcing and procurement

Everything You Need to Know About IT Sourcing & Procurement

IT spending is on the rise. Through 2019, 89% of organizations expect their budget to either match or exceed the previous years’ spend level – making IT sourcing and procurement essential to enterprises everywh...

strategic sourcing

How Strategic Sourcing Helps You

The world is a big place – as organizations expand and technology management needs grow, outsourced provider help is becoming increasingly inevitable. Strategic sourcing is your best chance to not only find a s...

sourcing and procurement challenges

TEM Sourcing & Procurement’s 10 Most Common Challenges

Today’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution landscape is trickier to navigate than ever. If you’re a sourcing or procurement professional, this statement probably comes as no surprise to you. As organizat...

asset tracking

IoT Asset Tracking: What Your Organization Needs

Advanced technologies and best practices are essentials found in any successful security professional’s toolkit. However, there’s a third element that many fail to recognize: Internet of Things (IoT) asset trac...

asset security

Securing 5G Assets

While everyone – us included – is excited for the 5G-fueled future, there’s one aspect too many organizations aren’t thinking about yet: security. A massive increase in bandwidth, connect device support capabil...