Drive your business forward with

Baseline & Validation


Drive Your Business Forward With Baseline & Validation

Any high-performance telecom management environment starts with an accurate baseline to build, measure, and report from. AOTMP®’s Baseline & Validation delivers a current catalog of all contracts, services, and invoices to help you identify opportunities, implement best practices, and recover maximum savings and efficiency.

Like all of AOTMP®’s solutions, Baseline & Validation adheres to the principles of the Efficiency First® Framework methodology and is an essential component of establishing a Center of Excellence. This solution enables you to leverage technology management investments to better support business objectives and create a foundation for structured, efficiently managed technologies.

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Why do you need AOTMP®'s Baseline & Validation?

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    Actualized Cost Savings

    You’re probably spending way too much on technology management. Often, organizations pay for services on hundreds or thousands of inactive lines, devices, and users. Baseline & Validation helps you identify these opportunities and actualize cost savings.

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    Managed Inventories

    Sometimes, you just don’t know what you have. Employees come and go, but their devices don’t. With an updated and accurate technology inventory, your organization will gain greater insight into what’s being paid for, what your workforce needs, and where your vulnerabilities exist. 

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    Measurable Results

    Understand your performance efficiencies with KPIs and a dashboard that provides actionable improvement recommendations. Before you can transform your business, validating your practices against a set of tangible data is often the first step in realizing efficiency.

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