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Creating Work Experiences for Volunteer Student Interns

Like many enterprises, the FCC often finds that we have more work to do than staff to do it. This is especially true for new domains like data science. The good news is that the academic community is swimming with smart, enthusiastic students who are eager to get real-world experience with use cases in the business and government sectors. The FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau gathers large data sets to fulfill our mission sets. We have established a robust internship program that brings students on-board with formal FCC credentials for three-four-months-long internships. Each intern is paired with a sponsor and given a project with a schedule and taskings. The results of this program are in use today by the various divisions in the bureau.

About the Author

Jeff Goldthorp is an associate bureau chief in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. Mr. Goldthorp’s portfolio includes data science initiatives and national security policy. His work in big data spires to enable the bureau to make better use of existing data sets and tap into open-source data sets to improve communications situational awareness. His work on national security policy informs and coordinates FCC policy initiatives to reduce risk in the communications sector.

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By Jeff Goldthorp

Associate Bureau Chief, Federal Communications Commission

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