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Ask the Telecom Pro: Robocalls, the FCC, & USF

Q: Is it true that the FCC is stopping robocalls?

A: Robocalls are a nuisance and a frustration for everyone with a phone number. And the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has noticed.

On June 6th, the agency issued a declaratory ruling to take its first significant step toward quashing robocalls once and for all. Voice service providers now have the right to block unwanted calls from reaching called numbers by default. By using ‘reasonable call analytics,’ these vendors can now automatically determine if a call should be blocked. However, customers can opt out of this preventative call blocking if desired.

Q: What is the current USF surcharge?

A: For the third quarter of 2019, the Universal Service Fund (USF) contribution factor is 24.4%. That marks a 30% increase from 2019 Q2’s figure.

If you’ve never heard the term, this contribution factor defines the percentage of end-user revenue vendors contribute to the USF. In turn, these contributions can be assessed as an additional service provider surcharge billed directly to customers.

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