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The New Asset & Service Inventory Paradigm

One of the most complex aspects of every telecom, mobility, and IT management practice is maintaining an accurate inventory of technology assets and services. Accuracy is king, but change introduced by the likes of business leaders, technology managers and individual users is a ruthless opposing force determined to dethrone the king. Furthermore, degraded inventory accuracy reduces the ability to trust the technology estate as an informed strategic business partner.

Inventory accuracy and reliability instill confidence, an essential component of real and perceived business value, and the mission is clear: maintain an accurate technology inventory to elevate the strategic value of technology to the business. The challenge is that the leading business practice used to maintain inventory, audit, is flawed. Audits serve a valid purpose for identifying historical inaccuracies, but they do not effectively guide sustainability excellence.

The new paradigm for maintaining technology inventory accuracy is Quality Assurance (QA). Defined, QA is the proactive process of identifying and eliminating process inefficiencies. The forces of change that inhibit inventory accuracy are governed by processes. When processes are efficient, accuracy of the byproduct of those processes, inventory, increases. When accuracy of the inventory increases, confidence in the business value of the technology estate increases. It’s a win-win proposition for technology and business leaders alike. Lead the accuracy charge with QA instead of examining errors of the past through audit and the results will be noticed.

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