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Archive for author: Timothy C. Colwell

Blog Tim on TEM

Don’t Settle for 99% SLAs

Technical availability is widely known in the SLA arena and five 9’s is the gold standard, but SLAs are also important tools for setting performance expectations in professional services, consulting and outsour...

Blog Discover Dx

Discover Dx: Funding Digital Transformation Initiatives

Digital transformation garners significant attention today as organizations seek to exploit technology to transform business. It requires a vision, a strategy, and a budget. The first two ingredients rely on kn...

Blog Tim on TEM

Help, My TEM Vendor Was Acquired!

Vendors in the telecom expense management and wireless mobility management space have changed quite a bit over the past decade.  Long-time vendors have evolved, new vendors have emerged, and many vendors have b...

Blog Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters: The Global Impact of the CCPA

The California Constitution was amended in 1972 to include privacy as an inalienable right for all people. At the time, the focus was on affording individuals control over the use and sale of their personal inf...

Blog Tim on TEM

The Impact of Carrier Terms of Service Changes

Telecommunications carriers amend terms of services from time to time.  They provide change notices to customers via postal mail, printed on an invoice, or as an electronic alert in a billing portal. Reading an...

Blog Tim on TEM

The New Asset & Service Inventory Paradigm

One of the most complex aspects of every telecom, mobility and IT management practice is maintaining an accurate inventory of technology assets and services. Accuracy is king, but change introduced by the likes...


Smart Cities: The Enterprise Growth Opportunity of Tomorrow

I was recently discussing smart cities technology with a client and the question came up about what new IoT capabilities will shape consumer behavior and how to be sure that your enterprise is ready to implemen...


Ask the Telecom Pro: SLAs

Q:  What is the difference between catastrophic and chronic SLA events? A:  Carriers and other vendors have different terms to describe service level agreement conditions. Most commonly, a catastrophic SLA even...


Ask the Telecom Pro: TEM / EMM Vendors | MDM Software

Q:  Can TEM vendors support EMM effectively? A:  Telecom expense management (TEM) vendors may have enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities. Often, the capabilities are in the form of managed mobility ...


Ask the Telecom Pro: What is Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and What Do EMM Vendors Offer?

AOTMP’s SVP, Timothy C. Colwell, addressed what appears to be a very simple question at Mobi’s Untethered event as he presented a session on “Mobile Transformation & Industry Evolution: Wh...