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IoT in a Digital Age

In my last blog I spoke about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the digital age, but IoT can’t be ignored. Why IoT? As we see the world overwhelmed with digital aspects and surrounded by virtual connections, IoT’...

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Ask the Telecom Pro: Robocalls, the FCC, & USF

Q: Is it true that the FCC is stopping robocalls? A: Robocalls are a nuisance and a frustration for everyone with a phone number. And the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has noticed. On June 6th, the ag...

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Are Corporate-Provided Smartphones a Taxable Benefit?

Telecom and taxes are inseparable. In the United States, fringe benefits and surcharge burdens can add up to 40% more cost to some telecom invoices. That’s why employers must consider one primary type of tax &#...


The Real Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Many of today’s digital transformation projects include a new trend: Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, almost any industry can benefit from these intelligent, independent systems. No wonder we’re seeing a ...

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Consumer Privacy Matters: California CCPA Amendment Fails

Last night, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s senate-sponsored consumer privacy bill was handily rejected by the California Senate in a largely procedural limitation. The passed the procedural ...

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Don’t Settle for 99% SLAs

While technical availability is widely known in the SLA arena and five 9’s is the gold standard, an SLA can also be an important tool for setting performance expectations in professional services, consult...

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Discover DX: Funding Digital Transformation Initiatives

Digital transformation initiatives garner significant attention today as organizations seek to exploit technology to transform business. It requires a vision, a strategy, and a budget. The first two ingredients...

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Training Smart: How Content & Experience Are Keys To Success

I read an article this week from the Chicago Tribune where Paul McDonald, a senior executive of the staffing firm Robert Half, spoke about why organizations need training. “If companies want to retain the best ...

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Discover DX: Digital Transformation vs. Digital Optimization

Digital transformation efforts are all the rage right now in the telecom, mobility, and information technology management industry, but what do they really mean? Digital transformation is strategically defined ...

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Help, My TEM Vendor Was Acquired!

The Telecom Expense Management (TEM) space has changed quite a bit over the past decade. Long-time TEM vendors have evolved, new vendors have emerged, and many have been involved in mergers and acquisitions. Ov...