MDM benefits

Why MDM Matters

Considering today’s smartphone market has surpassed that of traditional PCs, more organizations than ever are assessing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. After all, 75% of IT managers need new security rules to establish an adequate level of mobile security where they work.

While you may have incorporated mobile technology into your enterprise years ago, more than half of all businesses still lack the ability to restrict applications and inappropriate usage behaviors at the individual device level. Fortunately, MDM can help.

However, that’s not the only MDM benefit you can take advantage of. Beyond policy enforcement capabilities, authentication controls, and the ability to remotely manage device data, MDM offers several advantages your organization needs. Here are three of the most important to consider:

Technical Support Satisfaction

According to Visiongain, businesses that use mobile devices for work can effectively eliminate up to 20% of employees’ total demand for technical support – significantly reducing the daily burden IT experiences. However, without MDM these technologies often create more problems than they solve.

Unsecured mobility initiatives create tremendous potential for data exposure, inefficiency, and productivity losses resulting from downtime. MDM eliminates the bulk of these risks by giving technology managers real-time visibility into user activities, device locations, and mobile application protections.

Modernized Infrastructure

Your organization is no stranger to technology-driven workflows and processes – but its legacy IT infrastructure probably wasn’t built – and certainly wasn’t designed – to support today’s advanced mobile assets. While some applications may feature a limited functionality MDM handles, it doesn’t offer the full suite of capabilities to perform these tasks efficiently.

It’s an impossible ask to convince executives and relevant stakeholders that the systems they’ve relied on for years simply don’t cut it anymore – let alone ask them to make the substantial investment required to replace these systems. Once MDM is deployed, however, your organization can successfully manage mobility with the services it sorely needs from one platform.

MDM Benefits Create Complete Security

At its most basic definition, MDM performs four core functions: policy enforcement/management, inventory management, security management, and software distribution. Let’s briefly explore each functionality to learn how MDM benefits your organization:

  • Policy enforcement/management is critical for ensuring users are accountable and acting responsibly to protect sensitive information. This includes areas like policy definitions, access controls, acceptable (and unacceptable) device usage, and encryption/data management.
  • Inventory management helps you maintain an accurate record of mobile device inventory, making it possible to assign group- and/or role-specific protections. In addition to this capability, MDM is necessary for establishing centralized visibility that enhances global billing, reporting, and service delivery processes.
  • Security management looks different for every organization, but without MDM it can be extremely difficult to perform tasks like setting universal password/passcode requirements, configuring VPN settings, enforcing encryption policies, disabling potentially dangerous device features, and remotely wiping improperly secured data.
  • Software distribution is critical for users that need applications to get work done from outside the traditional office setting. MDM makes this easier than ever by not only including native distribution services, but also providing enterprise app distribution to mimic consumer application marketplaces to restrict software downloads, remotely patch security vulnerabilities, and delay updates/installations until enterprise testing is completed.

You stand to gain tremendous business value from MDM – as long as your business is ready and has a plan that ensures MDM benefits can be delivered. As you prepare your integration strategy, enroll in AOTMP® University’s MDM Business Practices Course to ensure success moving forward.