MDM Market Evolution

While Mobile Device Management (MDM) may be past its prime in the United States, globally this security platform is still experiencing impressive growth. Through 2025, MDM is projected to grow compound annual rate of more than 23%.

Even if the MDM market is more heavily concentrated than ever, its leaders are growing enterprise awareness and adoption through a combination of organic growth and inorganic strategies like mergers, acquisitions, new product offerings, and joint partnerships/agreements.

Going forward, several trends are working cohesively to make MDM more popular than ever.

MDM Market Drivers

Rise of Data Security

As the value of enterprise data soars to never-before-seen heights, it’s becoming increasingly important to implement MDM software. Technology management professionals are governing data security more stringently that ever, and a solution to protect users, devices, and sensitive information will be considered essential to the success of these initiatives – if it isn’t considered so already.

Mobile Devices More Popular Than Ever

Remote workforces and round-the-clock customer service delivery are no longer differentiators – they’re expectations. Today’s workers can’t complete many of their daily tasks with desktop technologies, and this trend will only increase as mobile technologies continue to proliferate the enterprise space.

Cloud-Based Deployments

In addition to the rise of mobile device deployments, technology management efforts demand distributed solutions powered by cloud computing systems and network edge solutions. Without MDM, traditional firewalls and network access controls fail to deliver the security results the modern IT environment needs.

Growing Employee & Enterprise Efficiency

Efficiency has never been a bigger business priority than it is right now. In many cases, organizational success or failure is dependent on completing tasks in minutes instead of hours – and this is extending into how device security is managed. IT is finding tremendous value in MDM because it enables teams to manage protections for all technologies from one platform.

Bringing BYOD Into the Mix

While many organizations find business value through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), these initiatives create a myriad of security risks due to the number of devices, operating systems, and management systems required to secure user-owned and -operated devices. MDM reverses this trend by establishing consistent rules that can be remotely enforced to prevent employees from circumventing enterprise mobility policies and guidelines.

APAC: The Next Market Goldmine

More than any other region, Asia Pacific’s MDM market growth is expected to explode beyond the average global rate over the next five years. As the risk of cyberattacks and data theft grow, these comparatively immature mobility management efforts need MDM to ensure information privacy and security.

The combination of digitalization, impressive economic growth, and accelerating technology-based product/services adoption means organizations is rapidly making MDM a requirement – especially where global workforces are concerned.

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