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Seven Ways to Achieve Enterprise Mobility Program Success

For today’s technology managers, enterprise mobility is an evolving standard and a moving target so to speak. Managing devices and maximizing savings simply doesn’t cut it anymore – excellence is measured by new metrics like internal user satisfaction, business enablement value, and automation potential that drives strategic outcomes.

However, accomplishing these goals is much easier said than done. As the mobility management landscape grows more complex by the minute, how is it possible for you to inspire innovation and achieve success?

Ensuring Your Enterprise Mobility Program Success

 The modern mobility management environment features an overwhelming mix of systems, policies, and program types – and the sheer volume of these elements will only continue to grow exponentially going forward. While deploying devices and updating spreadsheets to keep these aspects under control, the growth of global trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), data security, and 5G implementation are rapidly making these methodologies a thing of the past.

Considering only 43% of enterprises view their practices as mature and 96% rely on an enterprise mobility partner to perform daily tasks, it’s easy to see why success feels out of reach for so many mobility managers. But there’s no need to panic… Take a deep breath, relax, and keep reading – your help is here!

One Webinar. Seven Ways to Improve Your Program.

 How will mobility management evolve in 2020 and beyond? How is BYOD changing and what can you do to ensure its success? Why does your enterprise mobility program need to have a plan for 5G and data security moving forward?

Join Tangoe and AOTMP®’s Executive Vice President Timothy C. Colwell November 19th at 2PM EST for an exclusive webinar that answers all of these questions! We’ll share our mobility management secrets so you can ensure program success through these seven essential elements:

  • Purpose/Problems
  • Policies
  • Processes
  • Platforms
  • People/Partners
  • Performance
  • Programs

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