Founded in 2006, this cloud platform provider delivers its customers the most comprehensive Infrastructure as-a-Service (IaaS) offering with more than 165 fully featured global data service center features. The organization helps millions of companies – from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500 enterprises – power their technology infrastructure, become more agile, and reduce costs.

Telecom Expense Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Cloud, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence


This technology provider wanted to accelerate business, impact customers’ business results, and grow market share. To do so, however, it needed to overcome several challenges first:

  • Gain better understanding of product/service value in the marketplace
  • Uncover new market share and revenue growth opportunities
  • Align solutions with independent, industry-recognized framework to provide accurate comparison with other providers


Through AOTMP®’s patented and proprietary Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification, the organization was able to compare its offering to the industry’s leading telecom, mobility, and IT management vendors to identify the products and services that are most impactful to its customers’ bottom-line business results.

As a solution aligned with AOTMP®’s technical, financial, and operational principles, our solution certification added instant credibility and value to this vendor’s offering. With the support of nearly two decades of industry excellence and efficiency backing its certification, the organization was able to differentiate its products and services to create new enterprise- and vendor-focused business opportunities that dramatically increased its market share and global reputation.

“AOTMP®’s Vendor Solution Certification gave our organization instant recognition and validation as a cloud services leader. Having solutions backed by longstanding industry best practices and standards was invaluable in not only communicating our value to customers, but in comparing our solution’s capabilities to other industry leaders to understand our strengths and accelerate the development of competitive advantages.”

— Digital Strategy Officer


After obtaining vendor solution certification status, this organization was able to refine its existing product and services offering to create business opportunities in industries it had never successfully reached before. Today, this cloud technology provider leads global market share and credits AOTMP® for its integral role in growing annual revenue by more than 45%.

“While we’ve always had a highly automated cloud services portfolio, AOTMP®’s Vendor Solution Certification has been critical in communicating the business value our solutions provide to the global marketplace. Having an independent, third-party expert has made it possible to achieve results we’ve never dreamed of.”

— Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Going forward, this organization plans to leverage its Vendor Solution Certification to increase global brand awareness and expand its product and services offering. By identifying other industry leaders and understanding how these vendors communicate the value of their solutions, this technology provider has uncovered new opportunities to enhance the relevance and resonance of its external messaging.

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