professional technology training

Three Reasons Why Professional Technology Training Should Be Your Priority

If you could make yourself more productive and valuable at work, would you do it? The obvious answer is yes – and the best part is that there’s no catch. To do this, all you need is professional technology trai...

telecom training

Three 2020 Telecom Predictions

Things are changing quickly in the realm of enterprise technology – and telecommunications is certainly no exception to this trend. As you prepare your telecom training initiatives for everything 2020 will brin...

AI progress

A Peek at AI’s Progress

It seems like every organization is working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) right now. Given this sheer volume of activity, it’s understandably difficult for most technology professionals to keep track of how m...

information technology

How Today’s Information Technology is Shaping Your Tomorrow

Your organization is only as valuable as your information technology enables it to be. And this trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Data is what’s fueling your pricing, your profitability, and you...

your IT department

Podcast: Is Your IT Department Still Relevant?

In enterprise technology, change is good. And that’s fortunate – because everything is evolving. Just think back to what your technology management environment looked like a few years ago… Fro...

digital transformation means

What Does Digital Transformation Mean?

It’s become almost impossible to read through technology-focused news without seeing the term ‘digital transformation.’ But, despite this buzzword’s growing popularity, a surprising number of people – and organ...


Five Smart Security Tips for Companies Undergoing Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has dramatically changed business. From the ubiquity of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence to the change in computing, the shift has be...

network design
Blog Tim on TEM

Ask the Telecom Pro – December 2019

Q: What is a DAS network? A: A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of interconnected transmitters and receivers in a defined geographic area (indoors or outdoors) that is used to extend a cellular net...

IT department
Blog Tim on TEM

Is Your IT Department Still Relevant?

According to an AOTMP® Research market sizing study, 436,000 organizations will spend $4 trillion globally on telecom, IT, and mobility assets, services, and licenses in 2020. That said, at first glance investm...

cybersecurity tips

Cybersecurity Tips to Be Thankful For

As we approach the height of 2019’s online shopping season, organizations have never been more reliant on cybersecurity to protect their customers’ financial data. Since more and more attacks occur every day, u...