Founded in 1997, this education technology platform provider helps solve the industry’s most critical challenges to drive student success. With a constantly evolving education landscape to satisfy, this organization needed a telecom, mobility, and IT management partner that understood its needs and gave it the technologies, tools, and support needed to expand everyone’s access to education.

Telecom Expense Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Cloud, Robotic Process Automation, and Machine Learning


As this education technology platform provider increased learner engagement, academic effectiveness, and institutional insight, it needed help identifying resources and industry best practices to accelerate its digital transformation strategy. Without help, the organization failed to overcome these technology-focused challenges:

  • Inefficient daily IT management workloads
  • Not compliant with GDPR and data privacy regulations
  • Lack of knowledge regarding new technologies and how to integrate them
  • Inability to deliver practical tools that enhanced technology management team’s productivity


After struggling to implement new devices and strategies, this organization purchased an AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools subscription to give its technology management team access to tools, templates, and best practices backed by nearly two decades of telecom, mobility, and IT management industry knowledge. Now, its employees have access to more than 2,000 resources that help them drive productivity, performance, and efficiency through digital transformation.

After making automation a priority, this organization needed an industry expert’s help to dive deep into this technology, understand its fundamentals, and create an implementation plan that ensured future business success. AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools gave this education technology platform provider an in-depth look and actionable strategies to make Robotic Process  Automation (RPA) possible.

“While we knew where we wanted to go with technology, we lacked the knowledge and many of the practical resources required to make these ideas reality. AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools gave our team the templates, plans, and step-by-step help needed to make digital transformation work.”

— IT Team Manager


After using AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools to successfully integrate automation capabilities into its platform, this organization’s utilization has expanded to other technology management practices. Today, it relies on these tools to drive business value through continuous innovation and supported employee learning strategies.

“As fast as technology is changing, we needed help identifying and incorporating the emerging trends that matter into our business. AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools made it possible to differentiate which technologies could and couldn’t make our workers more productive.”

— Vice President of Human Resources

Beyond its automation initiative, this organization uses AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools to evaluate new technologies and their potential impact on bottom-line objectives. Our expansive library of tools and resources helps this organization understand the cost and effort involved to make a new device work – allowing them to avoid procurement and deployment efforts that fail to deliver impactful business value.

Moving forward, this organization plans to increase its AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools investment to maintain its competitive advantages as well as its status as the industry’s most knowledgeable learning management systems provider. Employees will use these proven insights to ensure widespread expertise and adopt consistent technology management best practices.

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