Every year, this nonprofit organization helps more than one million people from nearly 150 countries experience hospitality, medical services, and treatment paths that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  Its clinical care network providers expertise and resources to medical facilities through collaboration and information-sharing tools, making it extremely reliant on telecom, mobility, and IT management initiatives to satisfy its core mission and vision.

Telecom Expense Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Cloud, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence


Since this nonprofit healthcare provider serves patients and manages sensitive medical data from all over the world, its technology management team needed help implementing a global data privacy compliance solution. AOTMP®’s Efficiency First® Tools helped this organization overcome:

  • Interoperability challenges between components of a global technology management system
  • Outdated data management practices and technologies
  • Lack of employee knowledge
  • Inability to accurately track/manage assets and their stored data


To take advantage of global industry relationships and nearly two decades of telecom, mobility, and IT data management knowledge, this organization purchased an AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools subscription. In addition to global data privacy and GDPR compliance, this nonprofit’s employees have the high-level insights, global best practices, and role-specific strategies they need to drive productivity, performance, and efficiency through digital transformation.

The company has dramatically increased its data protection capabilities, improving organization-wide security and patient trust as a result. Today, this nonprofit healthcare provider doesn’t just have the telecom, mobility, and IT management insights it needs – it has proven methodologies to take advantage of this knowledge and turn it into real business value.

“Before AOTMP®’s Efficiency First® Tools, we simply didn’t have the resources to make sense of our data – much less use it to create better outcomes. EFT helped us not only take proactive steps to secure this information, but increase our understanding of how technology can drive progress and evolve the future of patient care.”

— IT Senior Director


After introducing AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools, this organization has been able to implement new telecom, mobility, and IT management strategies while expanding existing data privacy protections to safeguard itself from global regulations like GDPR.

“AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools gave our organization a clearly defined data privacy path to follow. While we knew what was required under GDPR, we lacked the tools and know-how to achieve global compliance. AOTMP® was an invaluable asset our technologies and employees learned to lean on when they needed help.”

— Data Privacy Officer

Additionally, this organization also uses AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools to supplement its existing telecom, mobility, and IT management training initiatives. The nonprofit organization considers these resources a differentiator that give employees the potential for improved skills, competencies, and professional abilities wherever technology is concerned.

Moving forward, this organization will leverage its AOTMP® Efficiency First® Tools investment to find new telecom, mobility, and IT management efficiency gains. By integrating industry best practices and processes, this nonprofit will be able to create future growth opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

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