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Ask the Telecom Pro – September 2019

Q: ITSM & ITAM – Are These Terms Interchangeable? A: IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) business practices are not synonyms, but they are related. So how do you explain the di...

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Elevate Your VMO Game

Enterprises report having the best business relationships with vendors they view and treat as partners. As partners, enterprises are clear about business requirements and expectations, and vendors are attentive...

accurate inventory
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The New Asset & Service Inventory Paradigm

One of the most complex aspects of every telecom, mobility, and IT management practice is maintaining an accurate inventory of technology assets and services. Accuracy is king, but change introduced by the like...

data analytics
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Data Analytics or Forensic Reporting?

Data analytics is a hot topic in business management. It’s also a hot topic in technology management as businesses pursue better outcomes through digital transformation initiatives. It is, after all, billed as ...

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Ask the Telecom Pro: Robocalls, the FCC, & USF

Q: Is it true that the FCC is stopping robocalls? A: Robocalls are a nuisance and a frustration for everyone with a phone number. And the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has noticed. Fortunately for eve...

fringe benefits
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Are Corporate-Provided Smartphones a Taxable Benefit?

Telecom and taxes are inseparable. In the United States, fringe benefits and surcharge burdens can add up to 40% more cost to some telecom invoices. That’s why employers must consider one primary type of tax &#...

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Don’t Settle for 99% SLAs

While technical availability is widely known in the SLA arena and five 9’s is the gold standard, an SLA can also be an important tool for setting performance expectations in professional services, consult...

TEM vendor
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Help, My TEM Vendor Was Acquired!

The Telecom Expense Management (TEM) space has changed quite a bit over the past decade. Long-time TEM vendors have evolved, new vendors have emerged, and many have been involved in mergers and acquisitions. Ov...

terms of service
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The Impact of Carrier Terms of Service Changes

Telecommunications carriers amend terms of service from time to time. They provide change notices to customers via postal mail, printed on an invoice, or as an electronic alert in a billing portal. Regardless o...

inventory accuracy
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Inventory Accuracy: The New Asset & Service Paradigm

One of the most complex aspects of every telecom, mobility, and IT management practice is maintaining technology and service inventory accuracy. Inventory accuracy is king, but changes introduced by business le...