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Ask the Telecom Pro – April 2020

Q: Is there a standard for mobile device wipes to follow?  A: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published NIST Special Publication 800-88, Guidelines for Media Sanitization, to addre...

coronavirus pandemic
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Technology Empowering Resilience

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the rules of social and business engagement. Social distancing, while not permanent, is the new normal. In an always connected, work-life blended society one might think tha...

emergency services
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Ask the Telecom Pro – March 2020

Q: Is 911 a universal emergency services number? A: 911 has been used in North America since 1968, but it is not a global number. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is a global standards organizat...

technology leaders
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Three Technology Leaders Walk into a Meeting

Three telecom, mobility, and IT leaders – a technology leader, an operations leader, and a finance leader – walk into a meeting to present their accomplishments to various line-of-business leaders. The technolo...

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Podcast: Decoding the World of Best Effort Guarantee Chicanery

If you manage technology, the following scenario unfortunately sounds familiar for most. After spending weeks, months, or – in some cases – years searching for a technology solutions provider that f...

toll free
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Ask the Telecom Pro – January 2020

Q: Are toll free numbers still in demand?  A: Toll free numbers have been used in the United States since the 1960s and demand for numbers continues to grow as customers seek vanity numbers that represent their...

best effort
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Best Effort Guarantee Chicanery

The standard measure of performance across telecom, mobility, and IT management is the Service-Level Agreement (SLA). It embodies the commitment between two parties to maintain a specified level of technical, f...

network design
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Ask the Telecom Pro – December 2019

Q: What is a DAS network? A: A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of interconnected transmitters and receivers in a defined geographic area (indoors or outdoors) that is used to extend a cellular net...

IT department
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Is Your IT Department Still Relevant?

According to an AOTMP® Research market sizing study, 436,000 organizations will spend $4 trillion globally on telecom, IT, and mobility assets, services, and licenses in 2020. That said, at first glance investm...

last mile
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5G: Eliminating Last Mile Constraints

The last mile has long been a networking juggernaut. The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Wide-Area Networks (WANs), and Local-Area Networks (LANs) each suffer from the challenge of distributing the fu...