Calero Gains More Europe-Based Expertise with Veropath Acquisition

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By Kelly Teal, Editor-in-Chief, AOTMP Research Practice TEM provider Calero continues to beef up its market share in Europe with the acquisition of another provider there, Veropath Ltd. (formerly IntelligentComms) out of Scotland. Europe has turned into a hot opportunity for telecom, mobility and technology management and Calero is aiming to get ahead of its [...]

MobilSense Sets New Course for MMS with MobilePhire Acquisition

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By Andrew Hartwyk, Senior Research Director, AOTMP Research Practice Over the last two decades, there has been an evolution of managed services focused specifically within mobility. These companies are born of innovation, managing users and devices scattered across geography and user type. Much of the impetus has come from needing to control costs, provide end-user [...]

AOTMP Research Expects T-Mobile-Sprint Merger to Bring Positive Enterprise Outcomes, Although Some Integration Could Prove Rocky

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The news has spread about the latest effort from T-Mobile and Sprint to bring together the two companies in a deal they say continues to drive competition and innovation in one of the biggest wireless markets in the world. The merger, which has some hoops and hurdles yet to clear, would position the new T-Mobile as the second-largest carrier in the U.S. market, with roughly 105 million subscribers and more than $126 billion in revenue. But what does this mean for the enterprise marketplace, and for the customers who have been considering or are using either of these carriers?

Calero Improves International Reach in a ‘Significant Step’ with A&B Groep Acquisition

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Calero has made its second acquisition of 2018, this time snapping up A&B Groep out of the Netherlands. The announcement came on Jan. 11. This represents the second AOTMP Efficiency First® Certified Solution Vendor Calero has purchased this year. The acquisition gives Calero immediate reach into a very hot international region. As AOTMP Research noted [...]

Calero and Comview Usher in the First TEM/EMM M&A of 2018

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Calero and Comview Usher in the First TEM/EMM M&A of 2018 AOTMP’s prediction that consolidation in the TEM and EMM industries would continue into 2018 has come true in just the first week of the new year. On Wednesday, Calero said it purchased 20-year-old Comview on Dec. 29 for an undisclosed amount. The first [...]

AOTMP Gives Its Take on Riverside Partners’ Acquisition of Calero

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AOTMP Gives Its Take on Riverside Partners’ Acquisition of Calero The Ownership Change Differs from Ongoing Vendor Consolidation in the Telecom Management Sector Calero Software has announced a change of ownership from Clearlake Capital Group to Riverside Partners and members of the Calero management team, signaling a different financial approach amid ongoing consolidation in [...]

AOTMP Heralds MDSL-Telesoft Combination as Positive

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AOTMP Heralds MDSL—Telesoft Combination as Positive The telecom expense management sector, which also encompasses IT and mobility, is undergoing another round of consolidation as next-generation services such as the Internet of Things compel vendors to help enterprises handle evolving technologies. The newly announced merger of MDSL and Telesoft comes as organizations spend $1.5 trillion [...]

Marlin Equity Partners Acquires Tangoe

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Marlin Purchase of Tangoe Eliminates Some Uncertainty, But Leads to More Questions A shakeup in the telecom management ecosystem on Friday, April 28, 2017: Marlin Equity Partners says it will buy publicly traded Tangoe for $6.50 per share and combine it with Asentinel, which it already owns. Tangoe and Asentinel could not provide comment [...]

Cass-Efftel Deal ‘Is Going to Create Uplift’

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Cass-Efftel Deal ‘Is Going to Create Uplift’ U.S.-based TEM provider Cass is buying Britain’s Efftel in a deal that represents significant momentum for the telecom/IT management market as a whole. Indeed, it demonstrates that vendors can support TEM on a global scale, said Timothy C. Colwell, senior vice president of Efficiency First® Adoption at [...]